Monday, July 16, 2012

A few changes and a few search results

change!  Photo Credit: jordi.martorell (Go read the story along with the photo.)

In an effort to continually grow into a better blogger for you guys, God has impressed upon me a few things to change.  Thursday and Friday posts have become blurred to me and therefore have become poorly written and poorly thought out, so I will not be posting on Thursday much.  When I have something really important to say, I will.  If I don't have anything important to say, I won't.  I figure about once a month on Thursdays I will post.  This will help me focus more on being here with stories and some loving, graceful opinions.  I want to make sure what I post on here is good stuff.  I want to make sure it is well written and well thought out.  I sincerely hope that you see a change for the better around here.

Search-Engine-Marketing  Photo Credit: Danard Vincente

And now for something completely different...

A few blogs I read post search keywords.  These are words that people have put into a search engine and brought the searchers to the blog in question.  So I thought I would give you all a few of the interesting ones for me.  Of course people searching for the blog name and/or my name make up several of my keyword results.  However the one that has gotten the most results is:

Edward Scissorhands garden/ trimming bushes/trimming bush/ cutting plants

I have gotten 22 search results from this post.  It has over 102 views!  That's crazy.  I'm excited with 50 views for my posts.  So thanks to all of you who are searching for Edward Scissorhands.  Glad to be of some service.  The photo is no longer on there.  : (  I'll have to find another one because you all thought that was a good post.

Some other interesting keyword results are:

bojangles ad wake me up

Is there one of those?  Maybe I should include it in my next blog about Bojangles.  I know I will be blogging about it again because we/I go there quite a bit.  It is just that amazing.  If you have never had it, then I feel very sorry for you.  You should come visit the south for Bojangles alone.  It would totally be worth it. (So I just found out that I have written about loving Bojangles FOUR times!  Who knew?)

anew start with jesus

I really hope the searcher found an answer to that here.  I never expected that search term to lead someone here.  It is humbling.  Maybe that should be my "learn all about this blog" post.  Thank you for trusting me with that.  I would direct you here to hear about my story.  I would love to answer ANY question you have about Jesus.  Seriously, ask me anything.

my ankle

Have I done that much to my ankle (a brief mention) that you can find me by searching for that?  Wow!  I guess I really am that clumsy.  (I also reposted that blog a couple times.)  I guess just wait until the next installment in what I do to my ankle.

probation officer ignoring me

I'm sorry about that.  The probation officer I interviewed on here would never do that to you I'm sure.  I hope you get it all worked out with your probation officer.  It's probably really frustrating when he's ignoring you.

introverted in a bible study

I'm glad you came here to learn about being an introvert.  It is rather freeing to discover that you are an introvert.  That would be an awesome Bible study to put together.  Things to learn from introversion and things to learn from extroversion.  In the meantime, check this out or probably anything else on this blog.  If you have anything to say about being an introvert, email me with your post.  I would love to feature it.

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