Friday, July 13, 2012

Dinner Date

Bojangles  Photo Credit: sarahstelmok

Last week an important part of my cell phone broke, so I went to the store and they had to order me a new one.  It was supposed to come in Tuesday, but thankfully it came in on Monday.  I got out of my meeting early and went to get it.  I headed home ready to settle in for the evening.  Then I realized my phone wasn't connecting to my data plan.  So Ben and I went back.  A phone call from the technician to the home office and it was fixed.  Ben and I got back in the car and headed back across town.  As we approached a familiar crossroads, Ben requested a cheese biscuit.  In Ben-speak, that mean he wants to go to Bojangles for an egg and cheese biscuit.  If he asks for something to eat, I try to accommodate.  The eating habits of a 3 year old are so fickle!

I turned left and we were headed to Bojangles for dinner.  I pulled in and noticed only a few cars in the parking lot and no one in the drive-through.  I considered using the drive through, but decided I didn't want to negotiate the careful distances of ordering and picking up the food.  Inside is easier.  So I parked the car and got Ben out.  We went inside and he asked for a high chair, so it was decided that we would be eating in.  I debated on what to order.  I knew I wanted french fries.  I could get a steak, egg, and cheese biscuit or I could get a two piece dinner with macaroni and cheese.  The macaroni and cheese swung the vote.  Although I'm kinda sorry it did.  The food was great, but as I started eating the fried chicken I thought about how much I wanted a steak, egg, and cheese biscuit.  Bad food choices are always a painful experience.  I won't let it hold me back though.  I took the tray, filled my drink, and let Ben pick a seat.  He picked the first table he saw.  I encouraged him to pick a booth.  He repeated the word 'booth' and we set off toward the back of the restaurant.  He sat down and so did I.  I sorted the food into mine and his.  I opened his biscuit and my box. We started eating.  He would take a bite and then start chattering.  He told me about the sky, trees, houses, and cars.  He told me more than once that we couldn't get to the cars.  He asked me for a napkin to wash his hands.  He ate almost the entire biscuit.

Towards the end he got a little antsy.  He stood up on the booth and looked out the window.  He chattered about what he saw.  I refilled my cup except I accidentally filled it with unsweet tea.  I made a sour face and returned to the beverage area.  I dumped the yucky tea and got the right tea, the sweet tea.  Ben behaved like an angel.  I'm sure it helped that we were the only people in the restaurant!  I finished eating and dumped the trash from the tray into the trash can.  Ben and I walked out hand in hand with full bellies.  It was a wonderful dinner date.

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