Friday, July 20, 2012

Banana pudding

On Sunday, Drew gave an amazing object lesson and I just had to tell you guys all about it.  I'll give you the steps and then tell you the lesson.

1.  Get a banana.
2.  Peel the banana.  Don't eat it!
3.  Put the banana back in the peel.  Use duct tape, needles, or safety pins.
4.  It's better if you other people can't see how you fixed it.

World Con, August 2005  Photo Credit:  comicsmudge

Do you think you could do that?  Even if you could put it back together without breaking the banana and all that, do you think other people could tell you put it back together?  Yeah, probably.  Several of our youth put the banana back together with the duct tape.  You can obviously see that and you couldn't use it again that way.  A couple did an amazing job with the needles.  It looked pretty close to normal again, but there were still gaps in the peel.  If you wanted to use it after that, it would take some time to take out all the needles holding it in place.

The lesson: We can't put ourselves back together.  We are all broken bananas.  We can try to put ourselves back together, but other people can still see those broken places that aren't quite fixed.  We can tape ourselves up, but then we are trapped inside the tape and then can't be used again.  We can use bits and pieces to put ourselves back together, but to be used again we have to take out all those bits and pieces.  In the end however we put ourselves back together, other people still see our broken places and they see our faulty attempts to put it back together.  We can't trust ourselves to put us back together.  We have to trust God with that.

However, God doesn't fix our broken bananas.  We don't fix our broken bananas.  God takes our broken bananas and makes banana pudding.  He doesn't put us back together like he did the first time.  He puts us back together his way.  He takes our broken state and adds in some experience, some wise words, and some love.  He mixes all those parts and creates something new, something sweeter.  We couldn't do that ourselves.  We need to trust him with our broken bananas.  We need to let him add in the extras we need.  We need to let him mix it all together.  Then we will be made into something new, something sweeter.

A friend also suggested that sometimes he makes banana bread.  So if you feel like you are going through the fire, he's making banana bread.  You'll get there!

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