Friday, June 1, 2012


I love stories.  That is really a Duh! comment by this point, but this week that love really came back to me in so many ways.

From Wednesday's post, a conversation was started on Facebook about the stories I used to tell.   Stories like Strawberry Shortcake and Pink Panther were my best friends.  My Cabbage Patch doll was real.  And probably the best story I told was about Pink Panther and his mom.  Pink Panther and I had plans to go swimming at his house.  As I was standing in the living room waiting for his mother to arrive, I got a phone call.  So I picked up the phone.  Bad news!  There were sharks in the pool and I couldn't go swimming that day.  So I took a rain check.  I never did get back there to swim.  I guess it was a pretty exclusive invite.  It really is too bad about those sharks.  It could have been fun.

While driving around this week, I heard a couple of pretty great songs.  I realized why they are great songs... because they tell a story.

And finally this week I had a breakthrough in my writing.  After some silence and some thinking, I finally put an angle together for a story.  I have the angle, but I haven't planned it out.  For me planning it out is the death of the story.  However when I don't put enough time and effort into developing the voice in the story, the plot line is all I have to work with.  So I end up planning the story to death.  This one I haven't planned to death.  I have names in place of characters that have come along.  I have created a country manor as I wrote and it is an architectural marvel.  I am excited about this character and this story.  For the first time in probably years, I have a story that I want to tell.

So I love stories; stories in books, stories in songs, the stories from little kids, and the stories from adults.  I love them all!

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