Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saying it loud...I read for the words

This is week 3 of a new series.  I will let you know a little more about me in a series of succinct easy to read and access posts.  There are some things about me that I have heard regularly or wanted to say, but didn't have the guts to say.  Now, I'm going to say all of that stuff.  Hang on for the ride!

Week 2 - I am a writer

Based on last week's post and the challenge from Jeff Goins yesterday.  My declaration for today seems to be an obvious choice.  Reading and Words!  It seem obvious that a writer would like reading and words, but my obsession with words seems to merit a separate post.  (Of course, words are not the only reason I read, but they are one of them.)

Although I read for the words, I often do not have them to speak.  I don't mean in situations of anger or negativity.  I mean in times when someone needs encouragement or praise.  I find that I can think of them afterward.  When I do, I write them down and email them or send them via social networking to the person in question.  However in the moment when I am face to face with the person, words don't come.  I love words, but I have difficulty using them in conversation.  In speech, words do not come naturally to me.  They are a struggle to put together the right pairing of words to sufficiently express myself in a given situation.  So as I said I read for the words.

I write for the words.  All the words that do not come to me in speech seem to flow out of me in writing.  I gain words and phrases in reading.  Those words and phrases take me around the world and through time.  I get to discover how other people use their words to express themselves and in the expression I find who they are.  Words give us definition in ways that are both good and bad.  There are words we love and words we hate.  Words that give us hope and words that leave us hopeless.  The use of those words can be explored in books without the fear of injuring a real person, so I write for the words.

Words are vital to discovery, exploration, and living.

Wordle: Words

Further evidence of my word obsession is as follows:

The only book on tape that I own is The Madman and The Professor, which is mostly about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary.  I've listened to it twice and I am fascinated by the process of defining a word and finding examples thereof.  Sometimes, I think being a lexicographer would be super cool!

I get excited teaching 6th graders about langauges- where they come from, where we get our words, how they are related, etc.

I like the shows about old items on The History Channel because it gives me the chance to learn new words.

I like reading books that are set in different places in the world and by authors from around the world because it gives me a chance to discover a new word.  

I liked school, especially university, for the words that I got to learn.  

I like discussing books, poetry, sports, etc. because of the subject specific words I get to use.  

An example of a word I just learned, literati,  I have yet to figure out how to work it into a conversation or in writing, but I'm trying!  Maybe it is just me, but the definition does not do it justice.  The word is so much cooler than the definition.  I want to be a part of the literati.  How can I make that happen?

My favorite jokes are the ones that have a play on words.  (e.g. The dyslexic man walked into a bra.)

I am more interested in lyrics than in music when I listen to new music.

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