Monday, June 25, 2012

Repost: Where am I?

Today I am reposting an old post from August of 2011.  This just seems really appropriate today for me and where I am right now.  

Hephaestus from really far away.  Photo Credit: Jan Christian Teller

Sometimes you are going along in life and thinking that you are really starting to get it together. You are growing closer to Christ. You have some good habits built. And then something happens. Nothing earth shattering, but a change.

You're thinking you've got this. After all you have this great Bible reading habit and good prayer time. You really, really know God has a plan. You even got a glimpse of it. You can handle this.

And then you have already run into problems. You are focusing so much on you and your issues that you miss the big picture, the one that God sees. God is missing from your 'encouragement' and so you've left him out of your change. Within no time you are drowning in this change. You're rushing forward to make things work again. Nothing seems to be working. Why isn't it working? Don't people know how important it is to go this way? Why aren't they doing it your way?

Now you have left God out of your change and out of your decision. He's waiting for you to turn and look at him. He's got the answers. He's got the plan. When you do turn to look at him, he seems so very far away. You've gone so far without him. How could it be that you ran so far away so quickly? You weren't this far earlier. How is this possible?

Then you realize, you weren't really that close before. This space has always been here, you were just too blind to notice it. Now it's time for the slow, humble walk back to Him. This isn't an easy walk, but in the end you will be closer and that space will be a distant memory.

****And of course by you, I mean me****

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