Monday, June 11, 2012

Prologue to Entering Motherhood

Today I am proud scared to be sharing the rough draft of a prologue to a story compilation that I want to put together.  I want want to see a book full of messy, true birth stories to inspire women to unify as mothers instead of separate into camps.  If you are interested in sharing your birth story with me for this book, please email me at:

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We are very experienced at fighting and name calling.  We use words like breast feeding or bottle feeding,  co-sleeping or crib sleeping, epidural or natural birth, cry it out or self soothe, home schooled or private schooled or public schooled, working mother or stay at home mom.  Those that have had a natural birth are quick to point out we didn't use drugs.  Where as, those who have had an epidural do not use the word drugs.  We show our divisive tendencies in this as well.  We have created a culture of shame, instead of a culture of pride.  We have made it through the difficult days and weeks and months of motherhood and that should be celebrated.  We have used these words to divide.  This needs to stop!  The mommy bloggers out there have begun to take back these insults and mold them into a beautiful mosaic named motherhood.  My hope for this book is that it can be an addition to this mosaic.  Lets use our voices to raise people up and not tear them down.  

So in an effort to use my voice to raise people up, I have compiled birth stories from many everyday women in various walks of life from various places in the world.  I asked them to include the messy details because we need not be ashamed of our experiences or the God ordained process of birth.  We are all very different, but we have one thing in common - we want the best for our children.

For those that have given birth, you know that it is a beautiful, painful, and life changing experience.  You all know it was an experience you could never imagine and now is one you could never forget.  I hope these stories can remind you of the beauty that was the entry of your child or children into the world.

For those of you that have not had children,  I hope these stories show you that every birth is different and every birth is special.  

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  1. Way to go! You pushed past your fear, and have started the ball rolling on a very good book idea! :-D That's just great.