Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm tired

Tired  Photo Credit: .:Axle:.

These last few weeks should have been pretty easy, but for some reason I have been stressing and tired.  I know part of it is an attack from Satan.  So I take comfort in knowing that I'm doing something right.  As the week is drawing to a close, I am tired.  Exhausted is more accurate and in my exhaustion I'm tired of lots of things.

I am tired of TV.
I am tired of reading.
I am tired of chores.
I am tired of stuff going wrong. (Bills being late, stuff not working, etc.)
I am tired of being over booked.

Since this would be a rather depressing post if it was just me being tired, I thought I would ask a few others. Here are some other answers.

  •  Paperwork.
  •  People calling and calling my work phone and never leaving a message!
  • Twitter character limits, soggy cereal, new underwear, faulty lottery tickets
  •  pain
  • People, pizza, Facebook, and brother drama
  •  haha being tired...
  • Being sore, getting up early, and schoolwork in the summer.
  • i dont like cancer, being lonely, being broke and the list goes way beyond ur wildest imagination!

So now I don't feel so alone in my tiredness.  What about you?  What are you tired of?

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