Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 6-9

In case you didn't know I took a writing challenge

I am updating you on my progress each day.  Not always my regular blog posts, so you might want to go here to read about what I am writing.

Pictures of Poverty - There's a little bit of joy in this picture 

Isle of Man - Friday Funhouse: June 8,2012

Pictures of Poverty - Haiti

A Totally Random list of stuff you should read
The Well Thought Out Life - Stories When Isaac told me I was just.... floored. I so often assume that who people are and what they are like when I meet them is really what they want to be and how they will stay. The older I get the more I realize people change, and best of all the hound of Heaven is actively pursuing hearts.

My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - Dear Eve For years an internal battle has been raging. The tension between what was, what is and what could be. The man I know God says I am fiercely cries out from deep inside, but the man on the outside has only been a shadow of him.

I'd laugh, but this all happened to me - If you say so Jesus Let's be real for a minute.  There are a lot things the Christ teaches us in scripture that are pretty ridiculous sounding.  If we use rationale and logic, they are things we should just toss aside because they make so little sense in the world we live in.  So we are left with faith as a basis for response to many of the teachings of Jesus.  And in faith, our answer must be, "If you say so, Jesus..."  Think about these scriptures and how almost comical they sound when taken out of context:

My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - Not for sale  "Her mother has already told me when she turns 12, she will sell her." my friend's voice drifts off as she looks down at the table. 

I also sat in silence trying to comprehend what she just said, feeling helpless to know what to do. 

The Story Movement - Sometimes Sometimes I want to say something profound, and it is in those moments that I say the least profound things. Sometimes I want the world to be changed by my words, and it is in those moments that I find even myself unchanged by them. Sometimes I expect so much, that when nothing comes I find myself more devastated than I have ever been. Sometimes I try so hard that nothing gets done.

101 Books - How to know if you are a book snob  So, yeah, I tend to have snobby reader tendencies. And since I can speak from authority, I came up with this short, marginally helpful guide, to help you determine whether or not you, too, are a snobby reader.
Here are the signs.
This Time Around - A Coffee and Some Lines Friday  So let’s stand up, brush the sand off our knees, and get out into the world, sharing the great grace and mercy we have all received. 

Compassion - Praying is dangerous business “It is dangerous to pray for something unless you really and truly mean it. God might call your bluff and take you up on it! God may require something of the one who prays. The answer to our prayer may involve some real effort, maybe even some sacrifice.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

The view from here - If I were a pirate or a pimp As it is, I'm just a guy with a limp, without a good story.

Jaime, the very words missionary - Flame on It was in looking for Him that I ended up in Costa Rica in the first place, and, more than anything, that’s what The Very Worst Missionary is about. It’s a picture of what it looks like to seek. And to fail. And to question. And to learn. And, little by little, to recognize what God really looks like, who He really is.

Compassion - God responds to a suicidal woman's distress Sandra clung to God and the Child Survival Program as her only hope. She was given shelter and protection, as well as food for both body and spirit. Her life began to take a different turn, little by little.
Today, Sandra speaks with hope and has found in God the love and happiness she desperately tried to find through all the wrong paths.
Furthermore, thanks to the constant prayers of this woman of faith, her abusive partner is changing.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

El Chupacabra Writes - Orbits Coinciding Because we are drawn to these events.  We want to see them.  We need to be a part of them.  There is something in us that needs to experience circumstances that remind us that there is something bigger than ourselves. But it’s not just celestial happenings that garner our attention.  We are captivated by greatness in all forms.


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