Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Amazing Facts - Pictures from Iran

Great stuff to read

A Deeper Story - When you're trying to feel repentant and can't - but i don’t think repentance is about feeling sorry for something that happened 2,000 years ago. i don’t think it’s about shutting our eyes at all. i think it’s about opening them wide to today. to the gaping wound that is our world. and for feeling sorry for our part in all of it.

Introverted Church - Introvert Saturday: The Grand Finale  - This was a trend that has followed me my entire life. I tried to repress it. I tried to be sociable for everyone else. I would make myself go to parties and big gatherings. It was like a rite of passage for me, but afterwards, I always felt totally exhausted.

Laura Parker: Life Overseas - Human Trafficking vs. Prostitution (Why it matters what we call it.)  - Take, for example, the overuse {and misuse} of the term “human trafficking.”  Honestly, two years ago, I was fairly confused about it, too. I painted most of the global sex industry with general “trafficking/slavery” terminology, especially, I’m afraid, in those first support-raising newsletters we hammered our unsuspecting friends with. But, two years and a couple months into life and work in SouthEast Asia, I am beginning to understand a little more.

Mustard Seed - Temptation Tuesday: A piece of my mind  - This is another temptation that we must fight. The temptation to, “Give them a piece of my mind” is a weapon that Satin has been using for thousands of years and he uses it well. A few sharp words loosed from the tongue and the trap is sprung. The damage that it inflects cannot be undone. 

Stuff Christians Like - The 1 question I ask when I'm afraid  - But, lately, I’ve started to ask a really simple question when I’m afraid. It’s only 6 words, but I’ve been surprised how powerful those few words are. Here’s what I say when I’m afraid now:
“Where is God in this fear?”
Goins, Writer - The Essential Guide to (not) responding to critics - The next week, we saw the man again. He was downright belligerent, and Ed didn’t even stop to talk this time. When I asked him why he didn’t defend himself or explain his actions, Ed said something I will never forget:
I don’t say nuthin’ if I don’t hear nuthin’.

The View from Here - I recognize that number - It didn’t really click until after we ended our phone call, but in not so many words she was asking me if she should come home again before the elections.  She’s hearing the news and listening to people talk, and I could hear the fear in her voice.

The Rantings of a Dad - It's my win too (This time) - It got me to thinking, though. At what point do we, as parents, really stop taking credit for the "wins" our kids experience? And if we continue to revel in the victories, we should be willing to suffer in the losses as well. 

Casey Leigh - hospital & update - so I humbly ask for your prayers over the next few weeks.
I will be 30 weeks on Sunday.

Red Letter Believers - Fire on the Mountain - The acrid smell was smoke, infiltrating the air like a distant campfire. But this was no toasty occasion for s’mores and laughter around dancing flame.

The Story Movement - Things I Thought I Loved - Recently I started thinking about things that I thought I loved, but really, at the end of the day, didn’t. These are things that, when all is said and done, – for the most part – leave me feeling empty and unsatisfied if they are used too much. Here is my rough list:

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