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Good Stuff Saturday 6-2

Before I begin with my normal list today, I want to direct your attention to a fabulous series I was asked to be a part of.  Before you read mine, you should probably read the first post of the series, How do we get back to caring?.  

Then go read my contribution for the day, How can we get back to releasing guilt?  This post was truly from God.  What I sat down to begin writing was not what I ended up writing.  "Guilt is a liar and a thief. Guilt tells me that I can’t feel anything and I must deny the pain of others or that I must feel it all and be drowned in the sea of pain. Guilt takes my time and my energy away from God’s adept usage and sinks it into a mire of useless wreckage. "

So go read the post and then hang around Heather's blog and read some other amazing stuff she has written.

Pictures of Poverty - Colombia. Smile. Swing

Great stuff to read 
Compassion - Six Questions to ask before sponsoring a child - A big component to committing to child sponsorship is knowing the organization that you are partnering with. You should feel comfortable with where you send your money, and we believe there are six questions you should ask before deciding which organization is right for you.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Compassion - God showing through - “Well,” said the girl, “if God is bigger than us and He lives in us, wouldn’t He show through?”

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Shawn Smucker - 35 years in chruch and I still don't know how to respond to poverty  - It started to make itself known in a tangible way a few days ago, when we were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and we approached the on-ramp of the highway. A forlorn man stood there on the corner. He looked rather pitiful, like a homeless person who had tried to dress up and fallen horribly short. His hair looked combed, but in a way that made me think it wasn’t combed often. He looked self-conscious. Perhaps that’s what he was, because as we drove up, I noticed he held a cardboard sign. I expected the sign to say something like, “Homeless, need money.” But the words I saw scratched in black marker put a lump in my throat.

Shawn Smucker - You will want to give up, Don't. - When you realize that nothing is working out as you expected. When you start to wonder if adventure is just another word for irresponsibility. When you doubt everything that at one time seemed so clear – when you start to feel the need to conform to the expectations of everyone around you.

You will want to give up. Don’t
Shawn Smucker - 50,000 Seeds: How destruction regenerates life - But there’s one other thing about the Lodgepole Pine, something important, and it has to do with its pine cone. This particular cone is a prickly little son-of-a-gun, and a sticky, sappy adhesive holds it tightly shut, enclosing its seeds. The cones fall and gather on the forest floor, up to 50,000 per acre each year, but no new trees can grow, because the cones are glued shut. Nothing can open them.
Well, one thing can.

Boo: Compelled to Love - Crossing Cultures - Crossing cultures is a death. It is dying to the old self in the most tangible way possible. In the same way you can’t serve two masters at the same time, you can’t live in two worlds at the same time. It’ll split your heart in two, rendering you ineffective and broken. I really failed in South Africa at cutting chords and saying goodbye to America. It made things harder in the long run. 

Boo: Compelled to Love - Trusting His heart in me - Sometimes I look around and see so much beauty flowing from others I wonder if any comes from my own life. I see my housemates. See them pour into each other. I hear the stories of them overseas serving and I smile. God is good and rich in mercy to use us for His glory.
It is a lie that my contribution to this world matters less because it comes in a different form or isn’t as ‘loud’ or noticeable. A lie.
Jon Acuff - Play to the size of your heart not the size of the crowd - The same joy I saw them dominate a stage of 13,000 people with weeks before was on display that night in a room full of 60 friends and two weird outsiders who seemed inappropriately interested in the cabinets. It was like Seryn couldn’t help to play that way. That was what was inside their heart.

The Well-Thought Out Life - Packed boxes and diivne meetings  - Because  we deliberated for ages about where to stop for lunch in our new area, and at the last minute pulled into the Arby's parking lot. It turned out the guy in front of us had a kid named Judah, so we sat in the booth next to them and the two Judahs made faces at each other and giggled. And then it turned out the dad grew up in Japan, we had a friend in common, and after talking about family and McKinney and what we're doing in life, he left us his email address and said he'd like to support us. His last comment in response to my compliment about his daughter's red hair was that "It's amazing, my wife always wanted a kid with red hair. God amazingly cares about small things." Indeed. 

No Superheroes - The Creation of a Team Environment - Consider the positive benefits to being linked to a tribe or family: 
- There is a comfort level.
- It is a safe place.
- You are free to be yourself and exercise your uniqueness.
- A sense of belonging.
Why wouldn't you want these traits to apart of any team?
Top of the Page - For the unfamiliar road - The one you don't seek out. Instead, you find yourself on it. Where you look around and don’t recognize anything.

You’ve never been down it before. You can’t see what’s ahead. And the road itself - something about the road - is lonely and dark, and deep down your heart hurts

It hurts because your questions are still unanswered. .
Heather Summers - How do we get back to being compassionate  - Then there’s a great Greek word in the text- maybe my favorite word ever. Splaxidzomai. Say it out loud. It’s translated here as, “Jesus was moved with compassion.” It’s a word that’s related to the intestines. Literally, it would say something like, “The bowels of Jesus were moved.” He was physically moved by the number and needs of the people.

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