Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 6-16

Pictures and Poetry
World Vision- Images of Fatherhood

Pictures of Poverty  - I love you, you love me. Everyone is happy.

The Story Movement - Bare against the budding sky

Articles you must read
This is my blog - What I've learned from DH's regiment - And if you don't mind me putting on my lame rah-rah wife thing for a moment, I'm going to go ahead and let you know - every one of them has every reason to be proud.  The past 10 years has seen this unit in Afghanistan over and over again.  The first Canadian boots on the ground in Kandahar included the LdSH(RC) Recce Squadron.  Since then they have served in Kandahar and Kabul, with Reconnaissance Squadrons and with Tank squadrons, consistently and frequently and with honour.

I'd Laugh, But This All Happened to Me - Communion Chaos  - That would be wrong. The belief is that when Jesus broke the bread and passed the cup in the Upper Room and said "every time you do this, think of Me" the intent was not to establish a ritual, but rather for us to think of Him every time we gather, every time we eat. 

I'd Laugh, But This All Happened to Me - Are We Anti-Jesus? -  Depending on their point of view, they point to things like illegal wars, legalized abortion, R-rated movies, an unwillingness to take care of the poor and under-resourced, sexual immorality and a Democratic president as signs that we have abandoned God.  I am not going to discuss or even consider any of those points today.  You see, I think we are beyond being non-Christian.  I think we are Anti-Jesus at the core of our culture, and here's why- we don't really believe in grace.

Shawn Smucker - Coming back early to see my Grandma and finding a map - Her hands moved in a slow rhythm of life – there were years of history in those movements. She was a small girl, learning to quilt. She was a newly-wed, quilting for extra money. She was a new mom, a baby on the floor beside her. She was in her middle age, quilting for her business. She was a recent widow, quilting through her grief.
In that moment of imaginary quilting, she was not 92: she was 9 and 18 and 23 and 45 and 60. She was an entire life.
Mustard Seed - Warfare Wednesday: Blood of Christ: Part 2  - This is what enables us to do battle with Satan and the enemies of God.  On our own we are not worthy to do battle in the spiritual realm because we are by nature sinful and unclean, but since we have been cleansed and redeemed by the blood of Christ we are worthy.  

Discipulus - Breeding a culture of intentionally sincere disciples - People won’t take Christ for real, until Christians take Christ for real. It is time we take our beliefs and translate them down to a reality that effects our day-to-day ideas, decisions, and thoughts. Our beliefs remain up in the clouds while we operate on the ground level with little connectedness to what is real. I believe the main thing holding the Church back from being intentionally sincere is a lack of vision.

Without vision there is no intentionality. There is no persistence. There is no compelling drive.
We’ve bred a culture a Christians who believe discipleship is optional, a mere “upgrade” to their faith they can’t afford and don’t understand. The result has created a petty, myopic, near-sighted impact on people’s lives, the culture around us, and our beliefs remain out of reach in the clouds.

Boo: Compelled to Love - Who I am - I get easily confused when others want to offer practical advice or help in my personal, and spiritual, and emotional growth. So many voices, well intentioned, want to help refine me and love me well. Its good to have friends to sharpen us, to encourage and push us forward, to hold our hands when we’re weary. But sometimes, to use a popular phrase, too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing. Even when the words are well intended and caring.

Red Letter Believers - I once was lost, but now... - But in every instance, I've been refreshed and renewed by a God who seems vitally interested in me. What I lost, I have now found ten fold. 

It almost seems that the balance of life constantly has the fresh water pouring in while the old stale water dribbling over the edges.

The Well Thought Out Life - Questions of Identity - When I finished high school and said my very emotional goodbyes, I saw a counselor at the reentry seminar that I went to. She suggested that I scrapbook a page for each good friend as a way of valuing and saying goodbye to each individual. Those two books are thumbed through and worn from my grieving years. They are filled with notes and photos and memorabilia that those people have probably long forgotten. 

Compassion - Do I really trust? - This did not mean doing things for Him to get His approval. It meant reading His love letter to me, the Bible, and discovering what He wanted me to know about Him. I loved Him as I had been taught, until I realized that even though I wasn’t perfect, He loved me perfectly. Then I began to fall in love with Him.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

New Ways Forward - Scandalgate 2012 - The Story of  a Blogosphere Controversy - tep 2: People on both sides of whatever “issue” Scandalgate 2012 is connected to –  however tangentially – rush to be the first to comment on it and break the news to the rest of the blogosphere, knowing that immediacy is the virtue most often rewarded with the currency of the blogosphere – links and traffic.

Thoughts on Life, God, and Ministry - Sin as a Response to Pain - So what spiritual or emotional hurt are you trying to escape?  Have your efforts to eliminate the pain left you with scars?  Has a temporary fix left a long-term mark on your spirit?


  1. I always love your Saturday list. I especially found the Compelled to Love and the Red Letter Believers to be inspiring this week. And I am honored to be included again this week. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement of me and my blog.

  2. I LOVE passing on these great things I read. I am so glad that you enjoy these things.