Friday, June 29, 2012

A few thoughts on road trips

This is a repost from 2010.  As we are driving across the country from NC to IL today.  This post seemed to fit.

Road Trip to a New Life Photo Credit: meddygarnet

     1.  The amazing packing you do to get everything in car explodes on the road making unpacking much        
2.  Sometimes putting an extra hour of time into the drive is worth it for a good meal.

3.  Portable DVD players have changed the road trip forever.

4.  Is there ever really a comfortable ride when you are going that far?

5.  Getting home is always good.

Sorry for the short post this week.  Maybe I'll come up with more to say tomorrow.  (Don't hold your breath waiting on that one.)

What are the pros and cons of your road trips?


  1. I haven't gone on a road trip for quite some time. The only bad thing I remember about the last one I did was a flat tire. Other than that, I love road trips. Time to smell the flowers, see the sights, enjoy the drive.

  2. It is always fun discovering new little towns or rest areas when you stop. This time we discovered a tiny, but delightful town in Kentucky. It really helps you understand how big this country really is.