Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Guest Posts and a video

Aren't you lucky?  Today you get TWO posts from me.

One, I want to direct your attention to a fabulous series I was asked to be a part of.  Before you read mine, you should probably read the first post of the series, How do we get back to caring?.  

Then go read my contribution for the day, How can we get back to releasing guilt?  This post was truly from God.  What I sat down to begin writing was not what I ended up writing.  "Guilt is a liar and a thief. Guilt tells me that I can’t feel anything and I must deny the pain of others or that I must feel it all and be drowned in the sea of pain. Guilt takes my time and my energy away from God’s adept usage and sinks it into a mire of useless wreckage. "

So go read the post and then hang around Heather's blog and read some other amazing stuff she has written.

Sherborne Castle & Lakeside Gardens - open storage shed / garage - sign - Private Function - Guests only  Photo Credit: ell brown

Two, I am post on my friend, Jeremy's blog about Marriage Monday

In a marriage, the little things can make you or break you.  Here is a story about making it:

If you want to read the story, you will have to check out his blog and read this post.  While you are there check out some of the other great posts.

And just so you have some original content right here, I discovered a new band over the weekend.  They are absolutely amazing and their CD is only $5.  So you should go download it now!

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