Monday, May 7, 2012

Vote for your marriage

Let me begin by saying I am not trying to attack anyone for their opinion.  I am simply expounding on the full ramifications of the statement.

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Tomorrow in North Carolina we have a vote coming complete with signs in yards proclaiming how we should vote.  We are told to vote for Holy Matrimony or to vote for marriage.  I find it ironic that we, as a church, are advertising for everyone to vote for marriage when we do not vote for marriage within the church.

How can we sit on our pious throne of self proclaimed righteousness and say you are wrong when we have not held marriage to be holy, an institution set apart to be used by God?  We as a collective group called the church have not held it as holy.  We in the church have as much divorce, adultery, abuse, disrespect, and bad attitudes within marriages as the rest of the world.  There is no difference in our marriages as in the world's marriages.  How can we determine what is lawful and right, when we don't uphold the law we proclaim?

I have multiple friends who are divorced or divorcing, so please don't mistake this as a rant against divorce.  This is a rant against the church and the irresponsible way we have handled marriage.  Why aren't we supporting newlyweds and the long married?  How have we gotten so far away from the support that people don't even know we are capable of that?  We have become so wrapped up in winning souls that we don't know what to do with them when we have them.

Marriage should not be only 2 people fighting for their marriage.  They should the entire institution of the church fighting to ensure they have a healthy marriage.  We need to be supporting them both as a couple and as individuals.  We need to make marriage a priority.  We need to set it apart as holy.  Until we do that how can we tell anyone what marriage should be or should look like?

Don't lie to yourself and say that if we get 'those people' under control we will have society back.  We won't have society back until we have God back in our lives AND in our marriages.  There is much more than simply a law to be passed.  The church needs to be telling the truth in love about marriage and relationships.  When I was a teen, the fight was over condoms in school.  No one told us that sex is something that touches your heart and your soul.  They didn't tell us that when you misuse that there is a part of you that breaks and leaves scars.  They didn't tell the truth in love.  They were just lawmakers and I don't think that benefited my generation.  So are we benefiting the next generation with this round of laws?  So today as amendment 1 comes up, are you voting for marriage?  More importantly, are you voting for YOUR marriage?  Because that is only way to benefit the next generation and change our culture.  But that's just my opinion.

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