Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's to do list.

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1.  Gather all my make up and hair supplies for the Salon.  Get dress and shoes to change into for the 8th grade dance.

2.  Catch up on Bible reading.  8 pages instead of 5.

3.  Get to school early enough to fix my breakfast.

4.  Obtain 4 more Star Wars posters from the book fair.  Pay for my entire book fair order.

5.  Cafeteria Duty

6.  Play soccer in all 6 classes.  Get the cones to set the field.

7.  Read some blogs for the day.

8.  Get the rest of the money for Asha Mission House.  We are almost at $1000!

9.  Write out lesson plans for next week.

10.  Write a blog today.  Not the one I wanted (about my dad), but it will have to do.

11.  Eat the special lunch from PBO.

12.  Call buses after school.

13.  Host the Salon for the under privileged girls to get beautified for the dance.  Then make a quick appearance at the dance.

14.  Jot down the new ideas I got for a story.

15.  Not worry about what the Assistant Principal meant when she found out I have a Middle School Language Arts certification and said, "That would solve that problem."

16.  Finally go home!

17.  Prepare the Good Stuff Saturday post.

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