Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saying it loud...I am a writer

This is week 2 of a new series.  I will let you know a little more about me in a series of succinct easy to read and access posts.  There are some things about me that I have heard regularly or wanted to say, but didn't have the guts to say.  Now, I'm going to say all of that stuff.  Hang on for the ride!

Week1 - I'm a straight edge hippie _________________________________________________________________________________

With inspiration from Michelle and a few pages written today, I am going to say it out loud.  I am a writer.

writing in the journal  Photo Credit: {ErinKphoto}

No, I don't have any stories or books published.  However, I push the publish button 5 times a week and I won a couple local awards as a kid for my stories.

No, I have never made money with any of my writing.  However if making money with art is the point, I'm not sure it will be good art.  See Salvador Dali's later work.

I'm not sure what other questions you might want to ask me or to throw at me to try to question me or convince me otherwise.  Maybe you aren't questioning or convincing me of anything.  Maybe it is just me questioning and convincing myself otherwise.  Either way, I have never said those words out loud or in print for others to see until a couple weeks ago.  I said it there and I meant to sit down and write.  I meant to start writing for the love of it.  I meant to start finding my voice.  I meant to start writing with a goal of shipping eventually.  I meant to do all that, but I didn't do it.  Life got in the way and then something miraculous happened.  I was forced to stop doing all of this other stuff (by testing) and do nothing.  The space of nothing did something amazing.  It gave me time to start creating stories and characters.  I started spinning stories without and end in mind.  I just created for the sake of creating.  Today I wrote 4 pages with characters, settings, and a plot that excites me.  I am still writing it in my head and here I am announcing it for the world.

I am not ashamed that fictional people traipse through my head.
I am not ashamed that I grab slips of paper to jot down sentences.
I am not ashamed that I am a writer.

Today I am a writer.
Tomorrow I will be a writer.
The day after that and the day after that I will be a writer.

If I get published, I will be a writer.
If I don't get published, I will be a writer.
If I make money for writing, I will be a writer.
If I don't make money I will be a writer.

It is not something that I earn.
It is something I am.
It is a part of how I function.

I am a writer.

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