Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Progress bar  Photo Credit: Marcin Wichary

I have a new series planned for Wednesdays and I even decided what my first post will be.  I have written a little bit of it down and a lot of it in my head.  However, I still have to get dinner in the slow cooker for tonight and hopefully read my Bible.  I need to get to school early to get testing materials and hopefully have some time to read the blogs I follow.  When testing starts I will be out of communication with the rest of the world until it is done.

Yesterday that was about 4 hours.  Then I had students for every minute after that until the end of the day.  Yesterday was also the chorus concert.  Ben and I attended and loved it!  We got home and it was time for him to go to bed.  I fell asleep too, so I didn't get the post written yesterday either.

So, my new series will not start today.  Sorry!

I'm also sorry for the lame post today.  Tomorrow will be better.  I promise.

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