Thursday, May 24, 2012

Live 58: Hope International

This month on the Live 58 Tour we stop in Rawanda.  Remember we have stopped in the Dominican Republic with trees and Haiti with water.  We are in Rawanda with HOPE International.  HOPE International is a microfinance organization that helps people through "the provision of loans, savings services, basic business training, mentoring, and discipleship."

HOPE International | Christian Microfinance Network

We in America don't realize how lucky we are to be taught so much about finance and to have access to banking.  In many countries in the world people people don't have access to a good education.  Duh right!  We know that, but we don't actually understand the realities of that.  This company deals with the realities of that.  Many people in these countries don't know basics of business and finance. Without that, they don't have access to or know what to do with loans in order to create a general store or a sewing business or another business. Without loans, businesses don't begin and people don't move forward.  Americans know that business and loans are vital to capitalism and becoming whatever you want to be.   That's what we all want right?  Except now you are thinking of all the negative aspects of capitalism and you aren't so sure.

Well HOPE International has an answer.  Microfinance AND discipleship!  They teach these people about banking AND God!  How cool is that?  In case you don't know, microfinance is giving a small loan (e.g. $100) to a person to start a business. HOPE International gives the loans, teaches them about investing I their business, and how to follow God through their business.  They teach them about savings and in some cases provide health care and literacy initiatives.  As this is a loan, they get repaid.  For the skeptic out there, they get repaid 95% of the time.  I could go on an on about how they empower women and share God  

How do they do this?  You!  Get involved by donating money, spreading the word about the company, and get educated about how microfinance.  Just a small amount of money and a little education can change a life, a family, a town, and a country.  You can make that change happen!  Go change the world!   

In case you need more proof, look at the infographic below.
Photo Credit: HOPE International

Now, go and get involved.

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