Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happies and Crappies

In Honduras at dinner time, we would all sit down and share our happies and crappies (with a long a sound) of the day.  It was a great little way to share what went on in our day and it had a fun name, so these are my happies and crappies of the week.

Happy or sad today ?   Photo Credit: Ari Helminen

Crappies (because many of the happies are dependent on the crappies.)
1. I had strep throat earlier this week.  Fever of 103, diarrhea, sore throat, headache, body aches, no appetite and chills.  UGH!  The worst part is that I missed 2 days of work during Teacher Appreciation Week.  That means I missed breakfast from our PBO and I LOVE breakfast!

2.  Amendment 1 to define marriage as between a man and a woman passed which makes me worry about the divisive nature of the discussion in a time period of our society when we need to be unified for the economy, for the military, for families on hard times, to fight human trafficking, to support the hungry, and to ensure that is only consenting adults fighting these wars.  I also worry that people who voted yes will go back to living as they always have before without thinking about what they really voted on and I worry that law makers slipped some crazy thing in there that we never would have voted for if this other hot button issue wasn't on there.

3.  We (Drew and I) were talked into doing a lock-in this weekend.  I like sleep and they want to go midnight bowling, so I might not be sleeping.

4.  Even though I was sick, I couldn't find much time to read and that is the best part of being sick.  When you get sick, you lay in bed surrounded by medicines, water, TV remotes, and BOOKS!  I didn't get that and I'm sad.

1.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so I got a little bit of candy yesterday and there is something else special that I can't remember on Friday.  Also our AMAZING administrators got us a gift basket that included a new lanyard, a personalized clip board, some Post-It note pads, and an ELECTRIC pencil sharpener.

2.  Amendment 1 passed and the Christians did stand up for what the Word of God says.  It also seems to have produced some conversations about the other stuff the Word of God says about families and the way we live. Hopefully, those conversations can produce some results within the people of God.  I also think it brought about some productive conversations about what loving others looks like.

3.  We have several new faces in youth group!  They fit in well and are a wonderful balance to the great kids that we already have.

4.  The book fair is at school this week, so I got a new book that I can't wait to read.  Drew got a cool new poster.  Also in books, I finally got around to starting The Blind Assassin.  Margaret Atwood is amazing... again.  Shocking right?

5.  Through being sick, I got some great descriptive writing down.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I got it written down.

So what are your happies and crappies for the week?

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