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Compassion - What would you ask God?

Stuff Christians Like - SCLQ: Ants

Shawn Smucker - Getting lost in New Mexico and finding the Grand Canyon: A Journey in Photos

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No Superheroes- Do we protect our kids from the Bible? - I would rather have my kids learn about the dark side of life from the Bible, than the playground.
We were recently in a church service that was a family Sunday. The pastor called the children up front to talk about Moses. He clearly shared about Moses having killed a man, but quickly moved on to the great man he became. He made no mention of this killing being wrong. 

Red Letter Believers - Flunking First Grade - Here's one thing I really want to nail down: Suffering isn't a tragedy, rather it's a promotion. 

It's a chance to see things from another view, to elevate above the everyday world and to find a higher meaning, a purpose to all of this.
Heather Summers - The time I tried to help a drag queen - I was riding with my sister down a less than crowded street the other night when I saw in the distance a woman* struggling to escape from the grasp a cowardly man. As our car crept closer I saw the man straggling her and beating her with everything he had, and with everything she had she was trying to fight back.

Seasoned Air Force Spouse - Who buys a house online - Vehicle one was thrown up for sale and vehicle two was readied for shipping. Grabbed friends for multi-family yard sale since that brings all the shoppers to the yard. School was notified and kids were instructed to CLEAN OUT THE CRAP.

New Ways Forward - V for Vendetta on art as subversion - Through the power of story, moviegoers watching V for Vendetta find themselves sympathetic to the “terrorist” V, and opposed to a fictional government that is meant to be a parody of their own (nationalist, explicitly religious, homophobic, at war with Muslim extremists, etc.).

The Rabbit Room - The shape of the stories we tell - What, I thought, if the ideal shape of the story I’m telling, is memy shape. My creation in my own image. What moves me, moves the story. My emotional and spiritual shape carves out the tone of the story. My knowledge and my experience inform the story, reflect me. Much of this happens unconsciously, of course, but to know it, to dwell on it, is, I think, to really own it and develop it as a tool for effective use.

Compassion - The power of prayer and a loving family - Gisele told Florence that she slept wherever the darkness found her and that her mother refused and abandoned her. Her mother would come home late in the night or not at all. She also told Florence how much she missed school because no one else cared.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

May I speak to Nicole?...This is God calling - No Guarantees - It breaks my heart to be living in a country where life is so hard - watching day after day how hard people work just to survive. It also breaks my heart that no matter how hard I try to acculturate, I will never struggle as much as they do simply for the fact that I am American. But most of all, it breaks my heart that they don't have hope in the one who gives abundant hope: Jesus Christ. 

The Jesus Mommy - Fickle, Fickle Hearts - Then I get mad. So, I turn to all sorts of gods. That’s the fabulous thing about my life. I have a whole toy box full of them; fabulous time wasters that either let me stew over how God has screwed up my plans, or that help me stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff all the feelings of pity I have because I didn’t get my way. For a moment, I think I have the upper hand. . .
. . . until I look up from the third bowl of chips and take a deep sorrowful sigh.
Jeff Goins, writer - When you are scared to death, do something anyway - When I stepped into my passion, I was afraid, but I decided to do something despite how I felt. And it made all the difference. I realized:
  • Real failure isn’t as bad as we imagine.
  • When you pursue your passion, the universe makes room for your dream.
  • People love following courage.
Laura Parker, Life Overseas - Humpty Dumpty - But what if, what if.
After all of that, you hit pavement? You smack cement. The water was a mirage, and you find yourself shocked and shattered into a million different pieces, like glass on marble. What if there is no confident kick to the surface, no cheering crowd to greet you when you suck that first breath? No high-fives. No sighs of relief. No heroic story to tell on the boat ride back.
Discipulus - Who are you and What are you doing here? -  As disciples we too have an identity and a mission. It is a God-given, God-endorsed, God-saturated identity and mission.We gather the dirt and dust of this world everyday but the truth about our identity and mission in God is like the rain that washes and purifies our hearts and minds.

New Blog that I like

A Writer's Space - A Drizzle, soft and mildly cold - First it was a drizzle, soft and mildly cold
She wondered if she'd make it
To meet him as he had asked
Dark clouds hovered in the sky
Was this a bad omen? Maybe she shouldn't even try.

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