Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 5-26


Pictures of Poverty - Starting off a new day and a new week in Honduras

Pictures of Poverty - There's no better way to start the day.  Coffee can't hold a candle to this.  Haiti 

The Rantings of a Dad - Pictures

Discipulus - What do you do for a living - For most, it has an answer that doesn’t align with what we are passionate about. What we do for a living, our vocation, often does little to define who we are as a person and sometimes who we are in Christ.
But, it shouldn’t be that way.
Compassion - Stop blaming and take charge - We can’t blame our circumstances, our husband or wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, employees, pastors or government. We shouldn’t even blame the devil. Our sin is our own fault and our attitudes are the cause.
The world system may contribute to our challenges. Our enemies can create lots of problems for us. The environment we live in may be full of negativity. Our families and our past may be a liability to us.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

The Esau Project - Storms rolling in - It’s kind of like that with the storms in our life, isn’t it?  Sometimes, like tonight, we know the storms are coming.  All we can do is sit and wait.  Sometimes they’re long and drawn out.  We can’t really do anything to avoid them.  And sometimes they hurt.
But we need the storms.
Mustard Seed - Temptation Tuesday: Temptation of Christ  - In summation. Don’t get discouraged when you are tempted by Satan, he did it to the best of us. Handle it the way Christ did. Read your bible and tell Satan to get away from you. And remember what happened after Christ was tempted, "11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.” I take great comfort in that verse.

A Deeper Story - On what I think it means to be pro-life - i’m realizing there’s a lot of things we promote as Christians that i don’t agree with. like pews. why are they so hard? shouldn’t church be the most comfortable, welcoming, beautiful place, kind of like a gigantic living room?

The Arizona Russums - Ways to fancy up your coffee - My sweet roommates pitched in and bought me my espresso machine, and now I make myself a delicious espresso beverage every single morning {sometimes iced, sometimes hot}. Today I thought I would share with you some of the fun ways I change up my coffee each day. So if you are looking to fancy up your caffeine from the comfort of your own home, here are three of my favorite ways to fix my coffee…

The Isle of Man - Guest Post: The Golden Age of Videogames - I know I risk sounding like the old codger here who "gamed uphill both ways barefoot in 5 feet of snow," but I still think simple, linear games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) were superior. You had a clear purpose (that generally involved running from left to right) and limited attempts to accomplish that purpose. The message that the games were sending was clear. Either adapt and improve, or die trying. No fluff, just your skill, two buttons and a D-pad. Which brings me to my next point...

Thoughts on Life, God, and Ministry - Leadership- A means or an end?  - We have made leadership a goal, not a tool.  So many people are seeking to influence as many people as we possibly can and amass lots of “followers” on our blogs and social media outlets so that one day these people will want to buy our book.  Why?  So we can have influence.  To me, this is very self-focused.

Katie Hawkins: missionary to Albania - May: The month of birthdays - But this is just another example of how Albanians take pride in the smallest of details and are so willing to give of themselves. If I would have messed up on the cake, I would have just left it or tried to cover it up. I’m pretty sure I will never spend more than 3 hours decorating a cake. I would rather just go without a cake.

Jaime: The very worst missionary - Five years; a farewell  - Five years of heartbreaking failure, overwhelming sadness, silly mistakes and the kind of sweet, holy Redemption that can only wash over you when you're lying flat on your face on the living room floor at three o'clock in the morning,wondering what in the hell you're doing.

Truly, we have lived five of the most Grace-filled years you can imagine, finding that our God is utterly present with us – always – and that without Him we are aimless.

Stuff Christians Like - Loving the unlovable - I was a mess in college. There’s no need to dress it up with stories or adjectives. I was a mess. And in the midst of that, a guy named Dave Waller reached out to me. With no agenda, and at no benefit to him, he was kind to me. Time and time again as a student minister, he reached out to me at Samford University. And then I disappeared back to Boston and never saw him again.

A Deeper Story - My books and I and the silence of God - Last September, I was sitting on a couch one day when I felt as if Jesus sat beside me, told me it was going to be about trust with me, and then He packed up His things and went silent. Silent for about seven months. In the interim space between His silence and my learning to hear again, I made a few interesting choices. One of those choices was to burry myself in books. - God uses ordinary people - They were ordinary jars of clay. According to God, this qualified them. By Paul’s definition, a true minister spoke not from his success but from the Spirit inside. 
This illustration represents what he wanted to occur in the mindset of Corinthian believers. He desired them to know they qualified as ministers, even without all the outward things society told them were necessary.
Red Letter Believers - Can we ever trust again? - And before you knew it, every authority figure was looked at askance, as if anything they said was a lie. Suddenly, liars were everywhere – or so it seemed. Prominent church leaders, politicians and journalists have all fallen from their precarious perches. Companies crumbled and took their shareholders and pensioners savings down with them.

Can we ever trust again? 
I'd laugh, but this all happened to me - Wake up Rastus - Then he gave the boss his answer- "I'd wake up Rastus."  The boss was dumbfounded.  "What possible good could that do!  Why would you wake up Rastus?"  Sam smiled at the man, laughed and then replied, "Because he ain't NEVER seen a wreck like this!"

Compassion - Living close to the line - Or arriving as late as we can to meetings? Or sinning as much in the “so-small-it’s-irrelevant” space as we dare? It’s like we give ourselves a “sin inbox.”
We let so much sin in until we reach the “limit.” Then our conscience nags us to repent, we confess just enough big “MB” sins to give us breathing space and quiet our conscience, rather than investing those 15 minutes to confess all our sin and clear our conscience completely.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Shawn Smucker - The drive to Yellowstone, Final Part: Getting off the mountain  - The bus ground to a stop among the loose stones of the runaway truck ramp. My hands shook as I took them away from the steering wheel and placed them in my lap. My legs trembled as they let off the brake, and the burning smell of those brakes caught up to us, enveloped us, reminded us of how bad it might have been.
I looked back at Maile. Her eyes seemed stuck open, unblinking.
“That could have been really, really bad,” she said, her voice wavering.
I swallowed. Nodded.
The Rantings of a Dad - Taste in music - Recently, while watching Yo Gabba Gabba! my daughter discovered a band. At the age of two, she has a favorite band. 

I think at the age of two, my favorite song was "Walking Talking Catfish" - which no amount of google searching has been able to find but I swear to you that song existed and was awesome. So if anyone has that on cd I would love a copy... just saying... for Evie, not for me. 


  1. Thanks for including my post with such a great group of bloggers. I am honored. And I will keep my eyes peeled for "Walking Talking Catfish." Partly for you and Evie, partly because it sounds like a song I need to hear! :)

    1. Good writing deserves to be recognized. Well, that and the "Walking, Talking Catfish" search is important.