Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 5-19

URGENT NEED:  The Jacksons' Journey - An EXCITING UPDATE on our URGENT NEED! - On Sunday I updated you that the need had dropped to $54,000. Well friends - it has been an AMAZING week! Our current total needed is only $24,500!!!

The need was met Sunday at about 10 pm EST.  The kids get their new home that no one can take away.  Thank you for your help!

Pictures and Poetry:
Arch Daily - Underwater Hotel planned for Dubai

The Handwritten - In Red

Pictures of Poverty - A Dynamic Duo

Great reading material:

Shawn Smucker - Our daughters: Corner Pillars or Shapely Wildflowers  - Wow. Corner pillars. That struck me as a particularly strong image, one that reverberated in my mind. In this verse, the sons are portrayed as plants, while the daughters are corner pillars. Which sounds stronger to you in this instance? Which is supporting the weight of a massive structure?
I wondered to myself: Am I giving my daughters the support they need to become, not the pretty little things our culture so often encourages, but the strong “corner pillars” the psalmist envisioned?
Compassion - Time for a Critical Update? - But suppose the warning stated that unless you make the critical update, you would not be able to access the internet, not be able to google, not be able to access Facebook or e-mail. I bet most of us would make the change immediately, and we’d tell anyone we cared about to do the same before it was too late.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

New Ways Forward - Solomon, Empire and Interpretation  - nterestingly, in almost every sermon I’ve heard about Solomon, his sexual exploits and idolatry are condemned while his economic and military aspirations are ignored or even praised.

Discipulus - Life begins on the Molecular Level - In biology, an organism is considered “mature” when it is able to reproduce. Until it is able to reproduce one of it’s own kind, to multiply, it remains immature.

The Esau Project - Mamma's Hands - Our hands tell stories of where we’ve been.  I shudder to think of what my life would have been like if Mom’s hands had been smooth and untarnished.  The lines and scars come from years of work, and play and love.

Stuff Christians Like - Missing Sunday School - Ahh, see that last joke was unnecessary. That was more The Soup and less the SCL. I probably wouldn’t have even made it if you were still around. But you’ve been gone for a while now.
We collectively decided you were old-fashioned. We felt like you were too restrictive, too old-school, the bad kind of old-school, not the good kind, like the neon colors that have zombie-crawled their way back from the 80s and are dominating the planet right now.

Compassion - A Child's Act of Love - He looked at me with his big black eyes, and said, “I know you did not have time for breakfast, so I want to share my breakfast with you.” Nicholas did not think too much of it, but I was so moved by that act of love, my heart was shaken. I hugged him and thanked him.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Shawn Smucker - The secrets we leave behind (or Crossing the Sierra Nevada)  - Long after the other kids lose interest, he sits there, arms resting on the narrow window will, nose pressed up against the glass, constantly imploring me to take some dirt road or to get closer to the edge of the bridge. Every mountain is a ‘cano (volcano). Every narrow river stream is a waterfall. In other words, he lives in a perpetual state of amazement, enraptured by this journey we so bravely take through a land of volcanoes and waterfalls.

Run with the Big Girls - Details for the 5k - Where: Anywhere you are!  That’s the beauty of a virtual 5K.  You don’t have to come to Fairfield to run.  You don’t have to go to Texas or Kentucky or New Mexico to run.  By the way, those are just a few of the states that will be represented so far with our 5K!  
Side Note: I'm running.  I think you should too.

Mustard Seed - Faithful Friday: What is faith? - Wars are fought over faith.  People are put to death because of their faith and still others commit suicide for theirs.  It must be pretty important.  I know mine is to me.

The Jesus Mommy - Keep Growing - I sat this because I think they need it. I never chide them for being insecure, immature, or unfocused. I wouldn’t accuse them of not being a sunflower, simply because I haven’t seen the blossom yet. From seedlings to sapling to stalk, they have always been sunflowers. I am merely a witness to the process.

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