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The Handwritten - On hearing

Color Lines - Four African men school you on Hollywood Stereotypes

Buzz Feed - 10 Beautiful places in the world that actually exist

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My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - A day in the life   As we tried turning onto your street, we hit the steep ledge of the sidewalk because we couldn't see where it ended and the road began! The moto jolted forward and fell and my friend went tumbling after! Now I was really laughing!

World Vision - Hungerfree: 10 surprising facts about hunger - Some 1 million babies’ lives could be saved if all mothers were encouraged and supported to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of life. (World VisionChild Health Now report)

The Jesus Mommy - Working with Blessings - God, these are my blessings. At this point, I can’t figure out how this is all going to work out, but these are the blessings that I have on my hands. Please show me how I can work with them. 

A Deeper Story - Have Mercy on Us - “A teacher was arrested for molesting a little girl at the school around the corner.”
The school she was going to send her own daughter to in 6 months.
Grit and Glory - Embracing Uncertainty - I am learning to live in the tension of uncertainty.
To simply embrace it, rather than fight it. Because contending with it doesn’t get me anywhere. It doesn’t yield answers or bring clarity or cause lightbulb moments of understanding.
Because honestly, more often than not, there aren’t really answers to be found or resolution to be sought.

Discipulus - Thanksgiving: The Disciple's secret weapon A heart that is thankful will never take God for granted and becomes contagious revealing the power and grace of His God. It’s hard to see God in the life of a person who complaints often.

I'd Laugh...But this all happened to me - Signs - There are people who have always enjoyed posting those kinds of signs in the church.  They have imposed dress codes.  They have chosen musical styles that are foreign to young people, a sign that says "Not Welcome."  They have suggested, or in some cases demanded, that you have your act together before you are welcome at church. 

Compassion - We have room - I’m notorious for trying everything and if I’m not good at it right away, I give it up. Likewise with causes. I’m an emotional appeal kind of girl.
Tell me statistics of there being more people currently enslaved than the entire trans-atlantic slave trade combined and I’ll advocate on behalf of anti-slavery movements until I’m blue in the face.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Compassion - Some time later the brook dried up - Have you ever had a brook dry up on you?
It happens when God’s provision stops coming from a particular direction. He was supplying your needs in one way, but then He stopped.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Red Letter Believers - I should have seen it coming - Ignorance isn't bliss. It might even be tragic.

Plant with Purpose - Eyes not to see - Ex nihilo, it was out of nothing that God spoke the world into existence and continued on to the pinnacle of creation, you and I.  If we are made in His likeness, then we are made to create as well. 

Shawn Smucker - The redwoods asked me what if your today must die  - A huge grove of six or seven Redwood trees gathered, each one three to five feet in diameter. They had grown in an almost perfect ring. In their midst stood the charred remains of an old Redwood. Before some ancient fire it had reached up higher than a fifteen-story building. Now it was barely fifteen feet tall. The outside of it was black, the hollow inside crumbling.

A Deeper Story - I can't see you - “I think they don’t have the same sort of boundaries in Ghana as we have here,” I hollered after him, my voice cracking with frustration. “I don’t think they’re as private. Like they do everything in community.”

The View from here - Look!  No hands - Now think about what your life would be like if one day you lost both of those extremities, all at once.  One moment you're using them to peel potatoes or perform neurosurgery (probably not a lot of neurosurgeons reading my blog) and then in a flash, literally, they're gone.

That's what happened to my friend Leo a few years ago when he was working.  

No Superheroes - Grace is - I have spent the last week teaching on grace at Youth With A Mission's campus in Muizenberg, South Africa. I speak about grace often on this blog, but I realized I have never done a post on the essentials of grace.
So here it is. A Collections of the haves and have nots when it comes to grace.  

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"Lasso down that conversation like a baby goat in a redneck carnival game."
"I recommend fish or garlic knots.  If you can mix them together, you're basically playing the game with cheat codes,"
"You were just helping out the usher who would have had to step in and enforce martial movie law."

See I told you it was funny.  Now go to his blog, subscribe by email, and enjoy the free book.

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