Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding my Story: Dad

Family Group  Photo Credit:  anyjazz65

So you probably thought this series was over when I posted this.  I talked about my parentsmy grandparentsmy great-grandparentssome other family members,  the younger onesthe girls and the  in laws.  I brought them all together to summarize who I am finding myself to be.  It was a beautiful wrap up to a beautiful series that told you all about me and told all the family in my life how much they mean to me.  It touched hearts.  It was magical.  (That might be an over exaggeration.)  Then a week or so ago, God impressed upon me that I had more stories to tell.  Yesterday he impressed that upon me again, so here I am to tell a few more stories about my family and I.

My dad and I are so much alike!  We are both head strong and opinionated, although I think we are mellowing out in our age.  We are type A personalities that want things organized.  My mother and brother are more laid back and take things as they come.  I guess that is something that has made our family work so well all these years.  My dad and I make decisions quickly, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes not.  We are sure of who we are and reticent to let new people into our world.  We are both good at math, but have difficulty explaining what we did.

My dad is MUCH better at chatting with new people and making small talk.  He is also incredibly smart, but not just in an academic way.  He's smart in a useful way, like he helped wallpaper the kitchen in a house we owned once.  He has remodeled most of the houses in which he has lived.  He has made them bright and spacious and stylish.  He is also an amazing chef!  I don't think I could put up drywall or make spaghetti from scratch, so we aren't exactly alike.  : )

It has taken me years to realize how alike we are and treat him with the understanding that I have about myself.  He didn't have an easy time with me, especially as a teenager, but I've been coming around and we have a better relationship than ever before.  Sorry for all the hassle dad!  I appreciate your hard work and not giving up on me.  I love you!

And one more story before we go.  I have always had strange tastes, but my parents just went along with it. Somewhere in my teenage years, I loved raw pizza dough with some of the ingredients mixed in with it.  Every time dad fixed homemade pizza, he would bring me a little extra dough and black olives.  (Black olives are my favorite pizza topping and one of my favorite foods.)  Yes I know you are all grossed out now and thinking I'm a crazy woman.  There is probably some truth to that.  My dad would often shake his head and chuckle at my eating preferences, but he would get me what I wanted because he loved me.  Pizza dough and black olives still make me think of my dad and how much he loves me.  I hope that I can leave such impressions of love on my child/children.

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