Friday, May 18, 2012


I saw this on a blog a few months ago and thought it was clever.  Her list was way better than mine.  Probably because she actually knows what adverbs are.  I had to look mine up, but here's my list of adverbs.  Some are mundane, some are interesting, and some are gross.

Dictionary  Photo Credit: greeblie

I usually leave the caption on Pinterest.

I seldom pull the covers over my head when I'm falling asleep, but when I do I feel like a cozy little kid again.

I always identify with the outsider.

I rarely fold clothes right out of the dryer.

I never iron.  And now you are wondering how I ever have neat looking clothes.  I don't really know the answer to that one myself.

I often pull weeds in my work clothes

I always fill my drinks up to the top of the cup.

I eagerly check my Google Reader in the morning.  I love reading blogs!

I carefully mix sugar and creamer into my coffee in the morning.  I have to get just the right mixture.

I quietly get ready in the morning to not disturb my boys in the morning.

Tomorrow I'm excited for our Malt Shop Memories youth fundraiser.

Yesterday we went to Cici's Pizza for dinner, even though Drew doesn't really like it.  I got their macaroni and cheese pizza and loved it.  Thanks honey!

I purposely ignore the stuff my students say sometimes.  You have to pick your battles.

I just decided to run my first 5k.  You could join me!

I sometimes forget to flush the toilet because I'm getting in the shower.

I recently started adding photos to my blog posts and it is so much fun!

I loudly remind students of rules they frequently break.

I accidentally run into stuff a lot.  I have never been known for my grace.

I intentionally read 5 pages in my Bible every day.  Or sometimes 15 pages because I missed a day or two.

I patiently wait at red lights because I'm really enjoying my book on tape to which I'm listening.

I easily forget to water plants and weed the flower beds.  Example: I got a plant for Mother's Day and it was drooping like it was dead by Wednesday.  I moved it out of the sun and watered it some.  This morning half of it was risen form the dead.  So maybe I haven't killed it yet.

I recently realized how amazing non-fiction books are.  I used to avoid them like the plague.  Now I'm reading a few of them.


  1. Yay! I am so glad you did this post! Umm... I NEVER iron either. Okay, maybe once a year. I use Downy Wrinkle Release Spray. And I am so glad you are running a 5K. They are so fun! Hope you have a blessed weekend!

    1. I'll have to invest in the Downy spray. That might help me on rushed mornings. Thanks for the idea! It was fun.