Monday, April 9, 2012


UPDATE:  Abbey went to the vet and he said she was healthy except for her back teeth rotting.  We will have to see about them, but in the meantime we are feeding her soft food.  She's doing better except for Ben stood on her the other night and now she's limping.  Of course she chased a dog out of Nana's yard yesterday, so when necessary she can get around well.  : )  Another Abbey update: we discovered she can be friends with Nana's cat, so all 7/8 of us have been hanging out a lot!  (Nana, Uncle A, Ben, Drew, Abbey, Neptune, and Abbey.  On Sunday, Uncle A's girlfriend was included in the party.)

Speaking of parties, we are enjoying spring!  I hope you all are as well.


  1. Glad to hear Abbey is okay! We've been through losing a pet (twice) with Stacie, so I know how you feel. It's hard for the little ones to understand, and hard for us big ones to deal with too.

    1. I thought of you guys when we were going through this. You were going to be my "how to" phone call if it was needed. Praise God it wasn't.