Monday, April 2, 2012

My Story Found

Family Group  Photo Credit:  anyjazz65

After talking about finding my story in  my parentsmy grandparentsmy great-grandparentssome other family members,  the younger ones, and the girls and the  in laws, it only makes sense to tell the story I am finding.

This is what I have learned so far:
From my parents:
Happily ever after is our goal too.
From my grandparents:
I hope to have the strength to live out my love that way.
I hope my marriage looks like that in 50 years.
From my great-grandparents:
The love and genuine desire to share life with the recipient spoke to me then as they do now.  This is who I want to be.
Neither of them were perfect, but they raised hard working faith filled children.  I hope I can do that no matter the circumstance.
They served people where they were at.  I want to do that.
His laughter and her love shaped my life in very powerful ways.  I genuinely hope to be half of what they were. 
From other family members, like cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.:
They make me remember that family is family no matter how distantly related.
I hope I can raise my child(ren) that well.
This hard working, intelligent, committed, funny man that loved his country and his family is someone I hope my son can grow up to be like.
I hope to include people as quickly and easily as they always have included me.
I hope I welcome people into my house with as much open hospitality as they always have.
I hope impart such things on those young ones within my sphere of influence.
From younger family members, like cousins and my brother:
These two remind me that laughter goes a long way toward happiness in life.
I hope to  be as generous as they are with my loved ones.
I hope to be as determined as they are to love well and show loyalty.
I have always admired him for the reasons I listed above and hope to be a little more like him.
From my friends:
She reminds me how to love well.
Her loyalty to people over moral/political/societal positions is something I aspire to achieve.
Her creativity without fear inspires me to do more and worry less.
From my in-laws:
I hope that I can love and accept new family members like they have loved and accepted me.
His actions for family speak volumes about his love for those people.  I hope my actions speak that much.
They share everything they have with anyone who needs it.  I pray that I share that well.
He makes me a better person every day that I have known him.  I am so blessed to be his wife.

I think you understand a little about what is important to me in these tidbits.  I want to love people and serve people well.  I know I mess that up a lot.  I know I am judgmental before I am understanding.  I am that way with myself.  I have struggled with this for a long time.  I'm starting to find success in loving myself.  I am that way with my family.  Through this series, I began to get a more accurate picture of them and consequently a more accurate picture of me.  I had intended to write a very different post by the time I got here.  I had intended to open up and talk about some of my personal demons, but somehow those ideas and those words didn't fit here.  These people I have discussed have given me something and I don't want to tarnish that by talking about my personal issues.  We are more than just individuals.  We are a part of a group, a part of a family.  We are a part of our biological family and that has given us certain things, both good and bad.  We are also a part of a Church family that has given us certain things, both good and bad.  Our biological family requires certain things of us and so does our Church family.  Through this series, I have learned something about my personal requirements.  

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  What lessons has your family taught you?  What lessons has the Church taught you?

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