Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How I became a

I am starting a new series of Guest Posts by some people in my life.  Some have blogs and some don't, but they all have a story of how they became better.  I hope you enjoy a few other voices here on my blog.

Today we hear from a familiar voice.  We heard from her in the interview series.  Julie blogs at The Esau Project and Run with the Big Girls.  She is a wonderful encourager and this post is no different.

 ETC Photo Credit: Big City Al

My confession for the day is that I love to read books that tell me how I can become a better person
in three easy steps. I love leadership books. I love books that tell me how to live the life I’ve always
dreamed of and how to make the world around me a better place. It all seems pretty easy. I mean, who
can’t follow three easy steps. Right?

The books made me feel better about myself for a while until I realized that maybe that direction wasn’t
the right direction for me. Or what if it was the right direction, but the wrong time? And how in the hell
was I supposed to figure it all out?

Society has ingrained us with these images of who we should be and who we are. And what it all boils
down to is we’re trying to be what someone else is designing for us to be.

How are we supposed to figure out who we really are?

So I’ve compiled list of three easy steps (hehe) to help us figure it out.

1. Love others. I don’t know what it is, but when we start to love others, we start to serve others.
When we serve others, our minds are opened to new possibilities to the plans that God may
have for us. Loving is the ultimate form of service because there are times that people are just
unlovable. Love them anyway.
2. Get quiet. It’s not easy. We’re surrounded by all noise all the time. If the television isn’t
on, the computer is. If the computer is off, then the phone is ringing. Then there’s the game
systems or the radio, and it just seems like there’s always this background noise surrounding us.
And while God created noise, I don’t think He meant it to be a distraction in our walk with Him.
Turn it off. Pray. Read. Start digging deep into those places that you don’t really want to go
within your mind. You may be amazed at what you find.
3. Love yourself. This one was the hardest for me. There were so many times I caught myself
living in the past and determining my worth by the mistakes I’d made. If you don’t get anything
out of this post, get this: YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR PAST MISTAKES. Don’t let your past
define you. And if it’s left you with scars, bear them proudly. Those scars are a reminder of
what we’ve come through and not who we are. The great thing about scars is that they will
always be there to remind us, but they continue to hurt less and less. Love yourself. Believe
that the dreams that God has placed in your heart are for you…and that you are worth it.

God has given you desires and dreams that are only for you. He created you for those
dreams and those dreams for you. Don’t ever believe that you’re not enough to see them to
completion. He’s created you, and He believes that you’re worth it. I think it’s time you start
believing that, too.

So those are my steps on becoming a better you. God has given us each different dreams and different
talents. Don’t believe that the dreams He’s placed in your heart are too big. He wouldn’t have given
them to you if He didn’t believe you could do it.

So get out there.

Start dreaming.

Start living the life you were created to live.

And thank God every day that He won’t ever give up on you.


  1. Thanks for having me, Andrea! Miss you, friend!

    1. I appreciate your words. We'll be back in town around the 4th of July. Maybe we can have lunch.

    2. I'm always up for lunch! Just let me know!