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Pictures and Poetry

Buzz Feed - The 21 absolute worst things in the world

Pictures of Poverty - Deee-nied Burkina Fasso

Blog Posts to read

Jeff Goins, Writer - Are people meaner online than in real life? - My suspicion is it’s the anonymity of the Internet that causes people to say things online that would make their mothers blush. To run their mouths in ways they’d never do in someone’s home.

The Jesus Mommy - So Wins the Righteous Foodie - I go back upstairs. The fish is half opened. The oven is pre-heating. This is supper! Thus, the war begins. . .
This bag of fish cost me $8!
You could kill your family. This stuff is no good for you. You can’t even tell how fresh it is!

Clay Baboons - T is for Tarantulas (and other large spiders) - I have standards when it comes to spiders, though: I like them small and friendly-looking and not too fuzzy. 

Giant, hairy, man-eating spiders, I can do without. 

The Esau Project - Be Energetic - It’s when your legs hurt so bad that you don’t think they’ll work normally again.  It’s when your feet are in so much pain they feel like they’re going to fall off.
It’s those time you keep on walking.
J Bryant Writes - Flirting with Kittens: Some thoughts on dating - The best way to ensure she will actually say yes to your question is to strike up a conversation. Maybe even ask for her name and some basic information. Just walking straight up to her and asking her out may earn you some points for boldness, but it is a little over aggressive. Or just have your friend lower you down from a branch while holding a flower. That’s pretty impressive.

Shawn Smucker - From Tulsa to Amarillo: Large Gashes and Pools of Blood - Huge gashes tear the land in that part of the country: deep gorges formed by the tiniest creeks, or flat expanses of bare ground turned over by a farmer. The earth is red there, when the green grass is pulled back or split. Kind of like wounds, or cuts, but not the smooth kind made by scalpels – these are rough injuries.
I think of those who lived in this part of the country long ago, the ones whose land we stole. I think of how their life spilled into the earth. The water standing in the ponds takes on the red color of the soil, looks like pools of clay-colored blood.
Red Letter Believers - Today is all I have - I see her at Bible study every week, she sweetly hugs me and says hello. But there's no recall. It doesn't matter. She's a friend and a sister and the fellowship is a given.

But her heart is so pure, so innocent and refreshingly open to God, because she lives just for today.
The Jesus Mommy - Today's Prayer - ‘OGod,
I bless thee for the happy moment
when I first saw thy law fulfilled in Christ,
wrath appeased, death destroyed, sin forgiven,
my soul saved….

The Rantings of a Dad- Vocabulary - Today I dropped about thirty new words on her, which blew her mind. 

Progression continues. 
Compassion - The Dung Gate - That is why I am so impressed that a mayor stepped up and made the repairs to the Dung Gate. What a leader! I can just see his re-election campaign advertising. No slandering the work, character, or political party of the guy he was running against, just a very simple but effective message. Something like, “Hello, my name is Malkijah. I repaired the Dung Gate.”

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Run with the Big Girls - The Last Few Hours - And, yes, I get more and more nervous every day I get closer to it, but the weird thing is is that I’m also getting more and more confident that I can finish under my goal time.  You all are a big part of that.  You’re posting encouraging things on my Facebook wall, sending me encouraging messages and texts and just being awesome.

New Ways Forward - Exploitation, Scapegoating, and the Illegal Immigration Debate - While arguing about which political party has the better plan for dealing with immigration, it seemed both sides of the debate continually overlooked an important but uncomfortable fact.
Illegal immigrants are not the root cause of the problem, we are.
Our personal and national economies are dependent on the artificially cheap prices enabled by our exploitation of cheap immigrant labor.

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