Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 4-21

Pictures and Poetry

Pictures of Poverty - The seed fell on good soil.  It grew a  a man of Christ. 

The Handwritten - We allow them to Die

The Handwritten - Gospel

Good blog posts

Beta Christian - Villains - Today, it seems that us Christians have taken a new approach to villains. If someone doesn’t agree with our way of thinking they automatically become our villains. It saddens me that I hear so often how people perceive churches and pastors to be the bad guys. There is a loud voice speaking ill of the church and its leaders. People who have taken the initiative to flat out compare the church and its leaders to Satan and his works.

DRGT/Just Wondering - Mother Letters: The Stuff of Heroes - How I admired your parenting instincts, right from the get-go. I remembered my own early fumbling and worrying and over-protective hovering with chagrin as I watched you let that boy of yours climb anything and everything, no matter how high. He was fearless! And how you delighted in that, how you celebrated it. 

I'd Laugh...But this all happened to me - A reflection of Christ If I have made a difference in lives or in this world, it is because at times I have been willing to be a Moon.  I once heard Louie Giglio point out that just like our moon, I can produce no light on my own.  Left to my own devices I can do precious little good.  

I'd Laugh... But this all happened to me - "I lost my face!" - There shouldn't have been anything funny about jail. But God brings light into darkness in a variety of ways.  And slowly but surely I was beginning to realize that it was going to be the love of God whose name is Jesus that still defined me, not my crime and my sin.

Red Letter Believers - Tomorrow's Legacy -- Today -We all treasure memories. At most of my family gatherings, more than one conversation begins with the expression, “remember when?” 

The term is sometimes used to provoke a story, to spur the conversation. But in a deeper way, it’s a tool to help us never forget, to perpetuate the memory. If you don’t keep telling the story, the details get fuzzy – or exaggerated. 
Discipulus - Discipleship is eating with sinners - Through these meals, He is showing us that these opportunities of eating with sinners are about more than just the food. They are social occasions that represent God being one of us and inviting himself to our table, our community and that everyone is welcome. Eating food with another person represents a deeper relationship that is very symbolic of friendship, intimacy and unity. The table is where walls come down, disciples are built and truth shines.

Compassion - Loyalty to the Lord's Annointed - It got me thinking. Who are the leaders God has “anointed” over my life? Am I fiercely loyal to them like David was? Do I stand up for them like David did for Saul?

Courtesy of Compassion International:

New Blogs

Papua Girl Dallas - Gender and Romance in The Hunger Games  - I was really fascinated by the character of Katniss and her relationships. Generally immensely popular characters like this both form and reflect trends in our society. I think the form heroines take in young adult literature says a lot about the way women are raised to think. Some of that is good - there is no need for a male character to come and rescue the girl for her to be happy and meaningful. On the other hand....

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