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The Handwritten - Change the world

Not for Sale - Impact Report for 2011 

The Handwritten - Cover My

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The Rantings of a Dad - My Unwanted Haircut - For that amount of money, I could buy a pizza and have a nice night watching a baseball game and yelling at the t.v.

True Beggars - Contemplating the Cross: Day 4 - If Christ paid a ransom to Satan to deliver us from Satan's clutches, who is the victor?... 

Faith, Family, and the Farm - Hey sinner... - Well, Amen to that comment.  Of course, that was not what was being said about the subject.  Instead several have questioned her faith, asked why SHE [Kim Kardashian] would be in church, and laughed at the possibility that she does actually go to church.

Boo: Made to Love - The Good Friday - He was abused. Betrayed too. Bloody and forsaken by all , including His Father. I’ve never known and never will know that pain. We are children of the forever being known. Forever unforgotten by Him. Forever held and known. Always on His mind.

Laura Parker: Life Overseas - The Demons in the Closet - I must admit that when it comes to what I know of spiritual warfare {particularly on the mission field}, I’ve gathered most of my working knowledge from Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, which I devoured in high school and then swore demons and angels fighting in every corner of the lunchroom. I’ll be honest, that book freaked. me. out.

My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - Teach is an action verb - All at once, me and these very sweet 5 little girls lay hands on the woman sleeping in front of us. And at the same time we all lifted our voices asking Jesus to heal her . . . believing that he can and he will. 

New Ways Forward - Wendell Berry on Consumerism and Corporate Power - In this brilliant selection from his 2002 essay Conservationist and Agrarian, Berry critiques the instability of an economy that relies on the overspending of its people (long before that played out the Great Recession of 2008), and the correlated power that corporations have gained in our political process (almost decade before the Citizens United debacle).

A Deeper Story - I don't know God at all -Being married is hard. Girls always ask me how to keep God the center of their relationship with their boyfriend, and lately, I’ve been wrecked with my own hypocrisy. Keeping God the center of your life doesn’t become one tiny bit easier when you get married. Being in a sexually honoring committed relationship doesn’t give you better access to “God’s secret purpose for your life.”

The Handwritten - Travel agents & Tour guides - In life we don’t need more travel agents.
We need more tour guides.

Goins, Writer- How the law of diminishing returns works with communication -So talk less. Be comfortable with silence. And listen more. Make your message matter by only speaking up when you have something really important to say.
Or, consider the alternative:
Stuff Christians Like - Signature Sins - It worked. My worm was ridiculous. It was the one move I was the best at. And it should have been because it was my signature move.
Now, a bajillion years later, surveying my life, I’ve started to realize I have “signature sins” too.
This is my Blog - At least kids shoes come in cute colors - And it was filled with loathing at the extra weight I have put on during my training.  All those little 'pins' of beautiful woman with bodies that don't look like mine, steering my heart toward bitterness that I don't "look" like a runner. ...

So all that I said before about Pinterest, it might not be all the website.

 It's the state of my heart.

Multiple articles from a blog/ blog author

Red Letter Believers - Napping in Gethsemane - I too have been found asleep in the garden. My Christian life is filled with promises to stay awake, but too often, I just nod off. Indifference and complacency mark my apathetic world. I act like I just don't care. I keep hoping that someone else will fill the gap, that another will take my watch. I pray that other servants will demonstrate Jesus to those around me, while I just get a little more rest. 

Red Letter Believers - What does happy look like? - She tosses her hair back and laughs at the silly joke. I can’t hear what’s said, but I notice she turns her face to the ground when she thinks no one is looking and grimaces, biting her lip. There’s pain, but she’s trying not to show. It’s Happy Hour. The sun is shining. The libations are flowing. The appetizers are passed around the table. Is this what happy looks like?

World Vision Act:S - Why are classrooms empty in Uganda - As Carolyne Siganda, a World Vision relief and development worker for Africa, has seen firsthand during a recent trip to Uganda, malaria is eating away at children’s attendance in school. Younger kids fall sick and stay home; older kids stay home to take care of them. Even teachers fall sick.

World Vision - Niger: Malnourished child at clinic meets lollipop - My breath caught in my throat as she grabbed at the wrapper, trying to open it. I realized I’d just asked if it was OK if a malnourished child has a lollipop.

Clay Baboons - E is for Easter Candy - I'm not a moderate person. I'm not a person who happily eats a small piece of chocolate and then puts the rest away until later. 

Clay Baboons - J is for Jack in the Box - Who's the sadistic freak who thought that a severed head popping out of a box would make a great kids' toy?

The Story Movement - Afternoon Remembrance - As I lay on this blanket
In late afternoon
Growing shadows move
And cover my body
I feel cold
And shiver at the breeze
However light it may be

The Story Movement - The Age of Cursive -There was the constitution, letters from former presidents, the emancipation proclamation, and many other papers that hold a deep significance for the foundation of our country. It was really neat, in that moment, to skim through the words of those who had impacted our history as a nation in such a huge way.

As I was reading, however, two things, I did not expect, hit me, and it is those two observations that I’d like to share with you today:

Shawn Smucker- The Joy that accompanies empty pockets - I stopped, and New Orleans was quiet. My wife looked back over her shoulder. My four children stared at the man, wondered about him, wondered why I stopped. I never used to give money to people without homes, people without jobs, people without hope. “They’ll only use it for drugs or alcohol,” everyone used to tell me. Then I read something by CS Lewis:

Shawn Smucker - Who I found in a San Antonio hospital room - Once upon a time, Ken had served two tours in Vietnam. Once upon a time, he had been a dog handler and a physical specimen. Once upon a time, he and Jack had done a four-hour swim during Jack’s recovery from being shot in the head. I would not have believed any of this, except that these once-upon-a-times hung on his wall in the form of photos. A small, square collage of a life long gone.

The Esau Project - When we Wonder why - And it’s hard when we don’t know why.  Some questions will always be left unanswered.  And the only comfort that we have is that throughout all our pain and fear and guilt and anger is that God is still there.  And sometimes it’s even harder to remember that He is still good.
When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory. 
Run with the Big Girls - Rest Easy - But I’ve found this App for my iPhone called Sleep Cycle.  You sleep with your phone on the bed and it measures your movement throughout the night and tells you your sleep patterns.  

Compassion - A true test of generosity - Obviously, Jesus had something more important than workplace compliance in mind when He told this story. This is captured in a question and a statement at the very end of the story.
The question He asks is this: “Are you envious because I am generous?”
Oh, what a provoking question.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Compassion - Releasing one another from the imperfect past - I have noticed that in this ministry we don’t always set each other free from the imperfect past. Sometimes we don’t set each other free from past mistakes, past disappointments, past misunderstandings.
Sometimes we don’t forgive each other very well. Sometimes we harbor “roots of bitterness,” and that’s dangerous, defiling stuff.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

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