Friday, April 6, 2012

Eggs and the Cross: Reflections on Christian art

It has been suggested that the fantasy violence we see on movies and video games has desensitized us to the cross.  I find some truth in that.  Well, a lot of truth in that.  However, I think there is another culprit in desensitizing us to the violence of the cross.

They are gorgeous aren't they?  Some of you are thinking, "How can pretty little eggs desensitize us to cross?"  Creating beauty on a holiday that commemorates sacrifice and resurrection isn't a bad thing.  There is much beauty in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.  However in my mind, there are two holidays this weekend.  Christian Easter and Secular Easter.  I have created two separate things to celebrate on this day.  Jesus and Beauty.  Yes, I said Beauty because I think that is what the Secular part of the holiday is about.  We dye eggs pretty colors and buy pretty baskets to fill with brightly colored grass.  We fill the baskets with brightly colored eggs and brightly colored candy wrappers.  We have gone through a dark cold winter (most years) and now we are in Spring.  The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.  Beauty has returned and it surrounds us.  Yes there is the Easter Bunny and personally I don't really consider him much a part of the holiday.  We don't take Ben to see him and Drew and I don't mention him much either.  So the Easter Bunny isn't in my Secular Easter narrative.

Back to Easter eggs though, how can this beauty desensitize us to the cross?  Because it makes us believe there is no beauty in the cross.  We believe that we must find it in the eggs and baskets and candy wrappers.  We believe as Christians that we can't celebrate beauty and we can't create beauty in a Christian setting, so we set up a Secular Easter to celebrate.  We have taken beauty and a cooperative creation of that beauty out of Christianity.  God created beauty and he created us to be like him , so why don't we create beauty with him.  Why aren't we as Christians creating more visual art, performing art, and written art?  Why have we made strict rules about what beauty can look like for the Christian artist?  In doing so, the only thing we have accomplished is taking away from Jesus sacrifice on the cross.

We, each and every Christ follower reading this, need to be taking art back into our churches and back into our homes.  We can't limit it to dyeing eggs and decorating trees.  God created you to be like him!  He is an artist!  Go outside and look around if you don't believe me.  Today on Good Friday as your reflect on Jesus sacrifice, also reflect on how he wants you to be an artist.  I firmly believe this is something he is calling us all to in some way.  Go find yours!

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