Monday, April 16, 2012

Ben's Rules

You may follow me on Twitter in which case you have read most of these.  You may have missed some or these may be all new.  Either way, I hope you enjoy #1-20.  I have added #21 - #25.  

 Drawing Credit: 8th grade Spanish student

Ben's rule 1 - If it is bigger than a bathtub, it is an ocean. 

Ben's rule 2 - Silver money or bronze money doesn't matter. All coins are dimes. 

Ben's rule 3 - No matter the impetus for your visit, you are here to play with Ben.

Ben's rule 4- The name of the married couple in Toy Story is Sweet Potatoes'.

Ben's rule 5 - Books are meant to be read at least a dozen times before you read any other books.

Ben's rule 6 - That great jazz instrument is a nectarine phone.

Ben's Rule 7 - The Notekins and Yo Gabba Gabba are the best TV around and should be watched every waking moment.

Ben's rule 8 - Birds (the Kindle), Yaiyo (the iPad) and cell phone are all mine. You can only use them when I say so.

Ben's rule 9 - The holiday at the end of October is Palloween.

Ben's rule 10 -If you didn't answer me, then you didn't hear me. So I will repeat myself until you respond. (That might be one of mine too!)

Ben's rule 11 - When you are through eating, the correct phrase is "Done finished."

Ben's Rule 12 - If I think you are too loud, I will tell you to Stop Yelding!

Ben's Rule 13- The best videos are videos of me! That's why YouTube was invented right?

Ben's Rule 14 - All you need to use the potty is a good book and good aim. Halfway there.

Ben's rule 15 - When I ask you, "Is that good stuff?", I really mean, "This is good food.". Thanks for working with me on that one.

Ben's rule 16- Rocking needs a minimum of 3 blankets, a comforter, a doll, and a newborn blanket for said doll all on mommy's lap.

Ben's rule 17- "Are you okay?" = I'm fine even though I made a loud noise falling from a height I shouldn't have been on in the first place.

Ben's rule 18- Sing with me! "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" Lunchbox!

Ben's Rule 19 - Solghetti is one of the best foods ever! Tastes good and fun to play with!

Ben's Rule 20- When passing gas, the appropriate response is "I nice."

Ben's Rule 21 -  Living a gravel pit with an old truck would be heaven.

Ben's Rule 22 - "Curious George and the Pizza Party" is the best thing ever written.  

Ben's Rule 23 - Moses and King Josiah are my favorite Bible characters.

Ben's Rule 24 - My purple treat, Children's Claritin, is a perfect before bed snack.

Ben's Rule 25 - When I want something, I whisper it for more emphasis

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