Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our song: M.T.A.

For probably years, my mother and I visited my great-grandparents who lived about 45 minutes away.  Every Saturday and some Sundays we would take the 45 minute drive over there to visit with them, do a few chores, and Mom would be their accounting.  Sometimes my brother or other relatives would go with us.  There were always people in and out and around on those Saturdays.  Grandaddy would give us some money to go out and get lunch.  He knew the family tradition, women don't cook.  My grandmother didn't cook.  My aunt doesn't cook.  My mom doesn't cook.  My cousin doesn't cook.  Her daughter doesn't cook.  I don't cook.  So Grandaddy just went with the flow.  We had a lot of Hardee's because he was friends with the owners.  I always enjoyed that because we that was probably the closest Hardee's to us and their food is pretty good.  At some point in time, the owners let the Hardee's franchise go, but maintained the restaurant.  Then somewhere in there the restaurant went as well.  When we didn't have that, we went to Burger King.  Also not in our hometown and something I enjoyed.  I'm not sure if I liked the food or the company more.  I remember watching a lot of CNN.  I don't remember any particular conversations, but it was special.

Another oddity about my great-grandparents was their buying habits.  I guess it isn't too odd that they bought from catalogs.  It was pre-Internet and they were in their 80's.  For some reason the catalogs from which they ordered sent them a lot of free items.  They put them in the mostly unused guest bedroom.  Every so often we would go back there and see what we could find.  One day Mom and I found a mix tape of songs from the 60's and 70's.  We had nothing else to listen to on the way home, so we picked it up.  There were some classics, like Rhinestone Cowboy and I Love (Little Baby Ducks).  By far the best song on the tape was the oddest one upon first listen.  Both Mom and I thought this was an odd little song, but it was catchy and funny.  At least to Mom and I it was funny.  We have always had a similar sense of humor, so the song struck us as funny.  We giggled like school girls and probably laughed out loud.  Despite all this, we couldn't get song out of our heads.  We walked around the house singing it for the next few weeks.  It became our song.  In fact, I recently sent a YouTube video of the song to my mom.  She texted me later in the day to say she had tried to find the song as my personal ringtone for her phone.

What song is it?  M.T.A. by The Kingston Trio  Take a second and listen to it in case you haven't heard it.  Then listen to it again a few minutes later because you will like it better a second time.

Fun fact that I found out: It is a protest song!  The stuff they are talking about isn't just goofy stuff for the song.  It was a real issue!

Not to be left out, my dad and I have a song too.  Swingin' by John Andreson.  He used to sing it to me as a toddler.  That song is one of my earliest memories.  For years I thought Dad wrote that song because I heard him sing it so much and John Anderson sing it so little.

Do you have some songs that bring back memories?  What is the song?  What are the memories?

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