Friday, March 2, 2012

My first music purchase

Except it wasn't a purchase.  I read the topic on Michelle's blog and got to thinking about the time I stood in line with a friend at midnight at the local record store in college for Dave Matthews Band CD when I didn't know who he was.  The time my Mom, Brother, and I went shopping for Dad's Father's Day present, Jimmy Buffett's The Last Mango in Paris.    The time that a kid asked me to buy a CD for him because he was underage and I restrained myself from lecturing him.  I just said no.

However, none of those were the first.  The first 'purchase' wasn't a purchase by me.  It was my first music gift.  It was a purchase by my parents for me.  I think it was for Valentine's day.  (My parents gave me little presents for all major holidays.)  My parents got me Tiffany's second album Hold an Old Friend's Hand and Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth.  When I opened them or took them out of the basket (I don't remember which), I had no clue who either one was.  I was pretty excited to get tapes that weren't country.  We listened to a lot of country at the time and I liked it.  Things changed when I moved to a new city instead of my small farm town.  Country wasn't cool, so I needed some pop to keep up.  I knew by the covers, these tapes would fit the bill.  I went to my room and put the tapes in and took out the lyrics sheet.  I listened to Tiffany first because she had red hair and her name was Tiffany.  That was the coolest thing in my 8 year old world.  I soon fell in love with both of them.  There were many afternoons I spent sitting in the floor of my room with the lyric sheet singing along until I memorized the songs.  I listened to them over and over.  Eventually, I got blank tapes and taped myself singing the songs I had learned.  I also taped any other things my friends and I, or my brother and I, could come up with.  That is a story for a different day though.  To this day I remember the cover of these tapes. (see below)  I carried them with me for years.  I listened to them even after CD's had become the thing.  As I was searching for the covers to add here, I came across a list of songs on the tapes and snippets of songs floated through my head.  I haven't forgotten them yet.  I know they sound very much like 80's pop and probably not even good 80's pop, but I still love them.  There is just something about your first music purchase that sticks with you and brings back wonderful memories.

   Electric Youth

Enjoy some music!  Then go read the other stories from Michelle's blog carnival.


  1. I remember those albums! And do you remember Ms. Gibson also had an "Electric Youth" perfume at one time, too?

    Thank you for some fun memories of the 80s *and* for joining in the blog carnival! :-D

    1. I don't think I knew that at the time. I learned of that later. Sorry to have missed that hype. :)
      I enjoyed thinking about it. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Please! If we must endure the likes of Tiffany, at least post some Jimmy Buffet! For the sake of your dad..."I took the first slow boat to China..."

  3. You don't love Tiffany? I can't believe it! Dad will appreciate the lyric. I might have to do a post on Jimmy Buffet soon! Maybe that will make up for all the girly pop.