Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An interview with... a server

Since this is a blog about relationships, I thought it would be good to interview some people we may meet regularly in our lives.  I wanted to know the good and the bad of what they do and how we can make it better. After all that's what this blog is all about, making relationships better.  So over the next few weeks we will be hearing from a chiropractic physician, a probation officer, a real estate agent, a server at a restaurant, a custodian, and hopefully a couple more.  I hope you enjoy this and learn a little something too.

Today we hear from a friend of mine from middle school! She was one of the first people I went out of my way to befriend. I remember feeling very goofy and totally not sure what to say, but also knowing that I wanted to get to know this person. You can get to know her too at her blog, What Kind of Mother Are You?. She shares stories about motherhood, God, and food. So obviously it's amazing. As you read today, think about the servers you have encountered and will encounter. Think of this when you are having great service and horrible service. Let's all make an effort to be kinder to the servers we encounter. They do not have an easy job!

What is your job title?
Server at a local restaurant

What is the best thing about your job?
I get to solve problems, immediately, if someone needs something or is upset, I can either fulfill their needs or find someone who can.

What is the worst thing about your job?
People underestimate how hard servers work and they forget that we have bills to pay and children to provide for. They forget that we are people, too.

What is the most considerate thing someone has done for you?
A group of ladies were celebrating someone’s 86th birthday. They had brought in an amazing cake and had offered me a slice. But, they were having such a great time that they paid and left without leaving a piece behind. I wasn’t too disappointed but was overwhelmed when, two hours later, one of the ladies returned and asked the host for me specifically so that she could give me my slice. She apologized for forgetting and told me what a great time that they had. That was huge!

What is the least considerate thing people do to you?
Not understanding that I have other tables to take care of. I care about each table and work hard to see that everyone’s needs are met, but get frustrated when people get angry when I can’t get to them right away.

What could people do to be more considerate to you?
Patience and gratefulness is huge. I would rather have a kind and understand table with a smaller tip, then an ugly table with a large tip. Though when I get the kind people and the large tip, it makes my work much more enjoyable.

What unspoken rule to people break most often?  
Asking for things before we are allowed to bring them out. Technically, I’m not allowed to bring out salad until they have ordered their entrees. People don’t know that we have to follow a certain order and that if we are asked bring things out before we are supposed to, we have to ask a manager’s permission, which can take up valuable time if it’s a busy night.

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