Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An interview with... a custodian

Since this is a blog about relationships, I thought it would be good to interview some people we may meet regularly in our lives.  I wanted to know the good and the bad of what they do and how we can make it better. After all that's what this blog is all about, making relationships better.  So over the next few weeks we will be hearing from a chiropractic physician, a probation officer, a real estate agent, a server at a restaurant, a custodian, and hopefully a couple more.  I hope you enjoy this and learn a little something too.

Cubos  Photo Credit: Daquella manera

Today we have an interview with a co-worker of mine.  Bus drivers have a hard job.  They get up at the crack of dawn to go pick up kids who may or may not be there.  Then they have to make sure that said kids aren't hitting each other or throwing things or who knows what WHILE they drive.  In North Carolina, bus drivers have it extra hard.  They all have a second job at school.  Some are Teacher's Assistants and some are Custodians. Today you will meet one of our Bus Driver/ Custodians. Custodians have it hard. When a kid pukes, they clean it up. When a kid bleeds, they clean it up. When boys pee on the wall to see who can pee higher, they clean it up. When teachers have classroom parties and a kid drops food, they clean it up. When there is a ballgame or dance, they stay late to clean it up. During the summer or other time off, the custodians wax the floors and do other major clean up work in order to work around our schedule and keep the building clean. Let's all make an effort to be kinder to the bus drivers and custodians we encounter. There is some GREAT information here that should help you become a better driver and a better co-worker. With a little help, you can make a big difference.

What is your job title? 
Custodian/ Bus Driver

What is the best thing about your job?
Working with the staff and students

What is the worst thing about your job?
When students vandalize the bathrooms or staff not preparing their room for me to clean.

What is the most considerate thing someone has done for you?
Writing to [the superintendent] or notifying him of what a good job I have done.

What is the least considerate thing people do to you?
Spilling coffee in my hall

What could people do to be more considerate to you?
Make sure their area is ready for me to clean.

What unspoken rule do people break most often?
If you make a mess, clean it up.

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