Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I became a better...stranger

I am starting a new series of Guest Posts by some people in my life.  Some have blogs and some don't, but they all have a story of how they became better.  I hope you enjoy a few other voices here on my blog.

Today we hear from one of my very best friends in the world!  I don't want to say anything to ruin her story, but I think it is the best one that has been published on here

Hospital Photo Credit: Frenkieb

It was 3 am on December 23.  It was my parents 56th Wedding Anniversary and it was 3 days after my husband's hip replacement surgery.  I had been at the hospital with him for 3 days 24/7 and was going on little sleep.  As I roamed the halls of the empty hospital, I was feeling extremely sorry for myself.  Here we were in a hospital 5 hours away from my family. We weren't celebrating my parents anniversary with them and we wouldn't be home for Christmas. My first Christmas in 30 years that I didn't make it home.  My brave husband was in an intense amount of pain and I was worried about caring for him when we got home. There were so many rules to follow when we got home to ensure he recovered properly. What if I forgot something? What if he fell?  I sat down in an empty hallway and began to cry. I cried out of exhaustion, fear, frustration and pure stress.

When I finally gathered myself and stood up, I decided to walk outside the front door to get some fresh air.  It was then that I saw the family.  There were 4 of them gathered outside and they were crying.  A couple of them were on cell phones making the dreaded call.  They had lost a member of their family.  It was right then that I realized how extremely lucky we were. My husband was not dying-he did not have a terminal illness-this would pass and he would feel better again! I was ashamed of myself. 

The next morning when I went to the cafeteria for breakfast, I did so with a new attitude. I smiled and greeted everyone I saw-nurses, patients, receptionists-everyone. I had realized that we have no idea what others are going through.  I was relating to everyone differently now. I had no idea why all those people were at the hospital. Were they there for a simple procedure? Were they there to visit a friend? Perhaps, saddest of all-they were there to visit someone for the last time.  It completely changed my outlook.

My husband and my life can be hard.  He has a disability and has had 18 surgeries.  We are constantly recovering from a major surgery or prepping for the next.  He is the most courages and amazing person that I know.  He always has a positive attitude and never lets it get him down.  That night in the hospital changed me and it changed how I relate to others-after all, we never know what the person sitting next to us is facing. We should all be kind to one another.


  1. Of course I know who wrote this since she's one of my best friends too! Just want to say how incredibly amazing she and her husband are and how inspiring they are to me. No matter what challenges they are facing, they do so with such a positive outlook. Love you guys! :) -Kort

  2. Great post and story! You two are awesome!

    1. A and J are pretty amazing people. So glad to know them.

  3. Couple things. 1. Great post. I've been there. Feeling upset about my circumstances when God brings someone else in my path who has it worse. It's humbling and gives me a renewed sense of how big He truly is all at the same time.

    2. I love the background :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment about the background. I think I finally found something I like. It only took me 4 layouts over a 3 year time span to find it. :)

      It is so easy to get inside our own bubble and miss what is going on around us. God does have a way of pushing us out of that bubble.