Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 3-31


Pictures of Poverty - Colombia, Pensive

Pictures of Poverty - A morning walk and a hop in Bolivia

BBC News - Russian Empire in colour photos

Good articles to read

Jon Acuff's Blog - Does the world need your dream Maybe. Maybe not. But that doesn’t matter yet. Why?
Because you need it.
Compassion - Saving my Generation -Passion needs patience. Jochebed built a good structure to keep the baby floating. Although she was in a hurry, she took the time to coat the basket with tar and pitch.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Laura Parker: Life Overseas - An Apology to all non- "missionaries"  - Okay, friends.  Put yourself in the non-missionary’s shoes. What does this kind of language communicate? Reading our overseas blogs from North Carolina or Colorado or California, what are we saying to all of those who aren’t choosing to live in a foreign country?

A Deeper Story - Using the Eucharist as a Weapon - For awhile after I first started at St. Paul’s, I carried the word Eucharist around like it was a weapon. Anytime I was with anyone, I saw fit to forgo other words like Communion or Lord’s Supper in favor of the “right” word for the act of worship. Even if the other person had used Communion the entire time they spoke, even if their theology of Communion was beautiful, I insisted on calling it the Eucharist, in a kind of pointed, knowing way.

True Beggars - Cultivating Relationships - "I once heard a man walk up to a woman and say, 'How are your kidneys today?' That's the truth! I actually heard the man ask that question. Her response? Did she hit him with her purse?

I'd Laugh, but This All Happened to Me - Peculiar People - Have you ever noticed that Christians are strange? We fight like cats and dogs about things Jesus never even talked about.  We spend way too much time trying to impress each other.  We worship a carpenter. Christians are a pretty peculiar bunch.  In fact, the Bible even says so.

Good articles from blogs of which I am a new follower

No Super Heros - The Monkey "Serves" the Fish - It seemed to the monkey that the fish was struggling and in need of assistance. Being of kind heart, the monkey resolved to help the fish.

No Super Heros - 8 Benefits of Blogging from a Rookie - Well, here you have it! The benefits of blogging from a newbie, a veteran of a whopping 59 posts. I started in late October 2011, with a goal of posting twice a week. I have a collection of ideas lined up, as well as receiving inspiration as I go through daily life. Here are few of the things I have learned after just a short period of blogging: 

No Super Heros- Grace for the Single Parent - This led me to consider single parents who do this each and every day. I am worn out after nearly two weeks, they do this for a lifetime.

The Story Movement - I am a priest - In the days of old there were stories of demons, witches, and monsters.
The people were scared, so they looked up to the Church. The Church was there to protect them against the darkness. Now a days people have forgotten and science and technology have taken over the hearts of those who once believed. 

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