Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 3-10

The Handwritten -Mediocre isn't a calling  Ephesians 3:20-21 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

AND My Story  Revelation 12:11  11 They triumphed over him 

   by the blood of the Lamb 
   and by the word of their testimony; 
they did not love their lives so much 
   as to shrink from death.

New Ways Theology - Eugene Peterson on place  God’s great love and purposes for us are all worked out in messes in our kitchens and backyards, in storms and sins, blue skies, the daily work and dreams of our common lives. God works with us and as we are and not as we should be or think we should be. God deals with us where we are and not where we would like to be.

What Kind of Mother are you? - Reflections  This makes me wonder who my children really see? Are they watching someone who is loving, understanding, hopeful, and graceful, or are they copying someone who isn’t any of those things? The evidence is quite damning, though, honestly, I know what it really is.

I'd laugh all happened to me - Let us pray - Prayer changes things, and not just the people and situations being prayed for. Prayer also changes the prayer. 

AND Have Mercy - I was reminded again this week what a rare commodity mercy is in this world we live in.  I encountered a couple of situations in which it at least felt like that some followers of Jesus were pulling for their brothers and sisters in Christ to FAIL.  

The Rantings of a Dad - Human Hurricane - A week ago, her room looked like the neatest, cleanest place in our home. After one day of her new bed and being allowed to roam freely within it, it looked like a small pack of wolves had run through.

World Vision - International Women's Day: Having it all in Cambodia - When I was 12, my mother bought me Helen Gurley Brown’s book, “Having It All.” The book offered advice on how a woman could succeed at everything — love, work, and family. My mother knew even then that her overachieving daughter would have difficulty choosing between having a family and having a career.
And she was right. I couldn’t. I wanted to have it all.

AND A child's open letter: "I was lost, but now am found - However, in 2005, our lives changed. My father left the country to find work, like so many other men at the time. He took my older brother with him, leaving us four younger children and Mom at home. A few years later, we heard that my father was living with another woman who was expecting a child. He told us he would not send us money anymore.

My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - Biking my way into the Kingdom - And not only that, but Matthew says, that God WANTS to give us good gifts. If we should ask for a fish would our Fathers give us a snake? If we asked for bread would they give us a stone?! NO and if we, being sinful man, can give good gifts to our children how much more does our Heavenly Father desire to give us good things?!?!  

So this is the story of how God gave me a bike! . . . enjoy. 

Compassion - Do not be afraid - My eyes fell on a little girl not more than 7 years of age. Bent over a dirty book, she was writing, letter by letter. As she wrote, she said the letters out loud. Her only aid was the dim street lamp across the road. It was her only source of light. I stopped.
How do we reach out to little ones like her? I asked myself. “Do not fear, for I am with you,” rang the words written in Isaiah. There were raised voices and drunken men around her. They shouted in a language that was foreign to me. But she continued studying.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

AND Lara Landon: I see God in you - I first saw the smile that I will never forget while playing ball with a group of kids behind Haitian Christian Mission in Fonds Parisien. One little boy was not playing with the others, but he was smiling as he watched their game.
Occasionally the ball would bounce his way and he would enthusiastically try to kick it back. As I walked closer to him to invite him to join us, I noticed his completely broken sandals and his mangled, bloody toes.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

The Esau Project - When bad thing happen - The outpouring of help from local towns, at least in our area for Harrisburg, has been tremendous.  There are donation boxes up at several businesses for money at the cash registers, churches are taking teams down and collecting necessities for those that lost their homes, people are pulling together to help with a need.
It’s what the church should be doing.
Shawn Smucker - When your ignition falls into your dash - It’s become interesting to me on this trip, though, how just when we think we have all the potential pitfalls in life identified, something completely random happens. Something we never could have imagined. Something immeasurably random.
Something like the entire ignition falling into the dashboard.
J Bryant Writes - Just Stop - We judge the young mother pushing the shopping cart with a screaming child. 
We judge the homeless man holding a cardboard sign at the intersection.
We judge the friend that cusses like a sailor.
We judge the tattooed couple buying cigarettes and beer. 
We judge the overweight man eating a Big Mac and large fries.
We judge the thin celebrity flaunting her perfect leg in an elegant gown. 

Clay Baboons - The internet thinks I'm a robot - Why, a CAPTCHA is (and I know that it's true because I copied and pasted it from Wikipedia):an acronym based on the word "capture" and standing for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

Jon Acuff Blog - Why it's so hard to figure out your calling - But, more often than not, figuring out your calling is an act of recovery, of rescuing something from your past that you loved and you lost. Something that life got too busy for and you stopped doing, or something that someone who mattered to you told you didn’t matter.

A Deeper Story - Lent: I don't understand it - It happened again to me this year. Lent snuck up on me. As always it revealed itself to me through a random picture of someone in my social media channels who had ashes smudged on their forehead, and this made me think of my own smudge-free forehead which I had the sudden urge to smack with the butt of my palm. How could I forget, again? And then the voices.

Goins, Writer - My biggest writing struggle  -My biggest writing struggle is waiting.
TV has stolen my attention span. I no long appreciate activities that require patience.
If I’m honest, though, my best work still comes from taking my time — from the endless rewrites and editing that seem so mundane and pointless.

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