Monday, February 13, 2012

Out Sick

It is 5:30 am and I am waiting until closer to 6 to start calling to find a sub for today.  Ben has an awful cold.  He's snotty and coughing.  His voice is weak and his eyes are snotty and watering.  So I'm staying home with him today.  Since I won't call for a sub this early, I have the time to write today's blog post.  I had planned to write about New Year's Eve, but somehow I don't have the energy to do that.  Of course, New Year's Eve was a lot like this.  Me sitting in the living room on the computer waiting for the right time to go to bed.  Then it was Drew that was sick and I had Pinterest to keep me company.  Today Ben is sick and I have you all to keep me company.

Right now, I'm a little cold because I wore shorts to bed and I'm too lazy to go put pants on now.  Of course the laptop is keeping me from being too cold.  My other concern is hoping my students behave.  My classes have been exceptionally good this quarter, but that is with me.  Will they behave for the sub?  Who is going to be available?  It is so hard to give up control, especially in my classroom where I have so much control.  To be very honest, I don't trust God enough about this.  I trust him when I am there to lead me and guide me, but when I'm not there, I have a hard time believing he is there.  Isn't that silly?  As if he doesn't care about my students and my sub more than I do?  So I'm going to say some prayers about it and start calling.

Note to self:  God is bigger than you and he can handle this.

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