Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Interview with... a real estate agent

Since this is a blog about relationships, I thought it would be good to interview some people we may meet regularly in our lives.  I wanted to know the good and the bad of what they do and how we can make it better. After all that's what this blog is all about, making relationships better.  So over the next few weeks we will be hearing from a chiropractic physician, a probation officer, a real estate agent, a server at a restaurant, a custodian, and hopefully a couple more.  I hope you enjoy this and learn a little something too.


Today we are hearing from a friend of mine who is a real estate agent, a runner, and a blogger.  She blogs over at The Esau Project and Run with the Big Girls.  You can also find a house to buy from her over here.  If you are in Southern Illinois and looking for a good real estate agent, this is your girl.  If you already have a real estate agent, read on and see what you can do to make things better for him/her.

What is your job title?Julie - Office manager and sales agent with Pollard Realty

What is the best thing about your job?Julie - I love meeting new people and making new friends.  But my favorite part is handing the keys to new homeowners.  They’re so excited.  I love finding them the right house.

What is the worst thing about your job?
Julie - I’m subject to everyone else’s schedule.  I work 8-4 at the office, but most of the time I’m showing houses after 5 because that’s when people can view them.  Sometimes I just have to turn off my phone and unplug for a while.

What is the most considerate thing someone has done for you?
Julie - At work? I’ve had clients get me flowers or a candle or something thanking me for selling their homes.  Most recently a client paid for a month of my membership at my gym.  I thought that was pretty awesome.

What is the least considerate thing people do to you?Julie -- Most of the time people are great, but my biggest pet peeve is when they don’t call when they’re running late...especially when we’ve got a lot of appointments set up.  I try to work on a schedule to be considerate to the homeowners letting us in their homes but when people are late without notice, I have no way to tell the homeowners they can stay in their homes for a little bit longer.  

What could people do to be more considerate to you?Julie -Just consider that I have a schedule and a life outside of work.  I’m more than willing to get up early and/or stay late to accommodate others’ schedules because it’s my job and it’s what I love to do.  But just remember that sometimes I also have other plans or places to be.

What unspoken rule to people break most often?  
Julie - It’s not really a rule, but sometimes people are working with two different agents.  It’s completely understandable, though, because they just call the agency that has the house that they’d like to view and go with them, and then they call us because we have a house they’d like to see and they go with us.  It’s usually not a problem unless you have another agent that gets angry.  Fortunately in Fairfield, we all realize that it’s going to happen and that people just aren’t really aware of how it’s done in the sales world.

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