Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Day!

Are you smiling yet?  If not, let me tell you why I am and then you will want to smile.

1.  I got a crazy awesome new haircut.  Probably the best haircut, I have ever had.  I can do it myself in less than 5 minutes.  See how great it is?
IMG-20120202-00094.jpg  IMG-20120202-00096.jpg  IMG-20120202-00098.jpg

2.  I got to play Ben's favorite game with him last night and he laughed and laughed and laughed.  His favorite game is jumping, rolling, flipping on our bed.  He makes up multiple games to play on our bed.  Flying, where the plane(me) talks to the tower to see if Benny is ready for take off,

3.  I am preparing TWO exciting series for this blog.  In the process of preparing them, I have talked to  friends, acquaintances, and co-workers about my blog.  I have talked explained what it is about and why I am doing the series.  AND the responses have been really positive.  Thanks to Bryan Allain and 31 Days to finding your Blogging Mojo.

4.  Our boys basketball team is playing for the tournament championship tonight and the AD is hosting a family friendly pregame party at his house!

5.  Ben has 3 year old pictures tomorrow at a studio where I got an AMAZING deal!  We also have a birthday party for Ben's new friend at church tomorrow.  And if I'm lucky we will have time to go to the cell phone store and get my phone fixed.  (It doesn't charge right.)

6.  I have projects due in 7th and 8th grade today and so far most of them have been turned in on time!

7.  Comment Day was yesterday and I commented on 30 blogs.  There was only one blog whose comment discussion went places I didn't want and I regretted the comment.  So that means that I commented on 29 blogs and had great discussions.

8.  I have worn 2 cute dresses this week.  I have even had students compliment me on both of them.

9.  My classes have been AMAZINGLY well behaved so far this semester.  I feel blessed every day at work because of them.

10.  I started playing Words with Friends on my Kindle.  So much fun!

So by now with all this good news you should be smiling.  If you aren't, go home and go back to bed. Just tell your boss I said so.  They'll be cool with it.  Have a great day!!!!

Partnering with Casey today.


  1. Okay. I'm exhausted just reading about your day.

    Busy. productive. Efficient.
    And yes, it's a happy day!

  2. Well it's my week, but yes it was busy and productive. And yes, it is normally a little exhausting. :)

    Thanks for reading today!