Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 2-24

It seems I have a lots of repetition this week.  Lots of good stuff came from the same sources this week.  Enjoy!

Compassion - How can sponsorship help prevent child slavery  An innocent child is sold into slavery by his or her family in a desperate attempt to be able to afford the resources that Sam now receives through the Compassion program:
Clean water. Food. Education. Medical care.
The provision of hope itself.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Fat Guy Running - Pitfalls and Struggles Part 2   The fact is you know, if you’re being honest with yourself and I hope you are, what your weaknesses are and what you have to do to overcome them.  Are you already thinking of them and coming up with excuses as to how you can’t get around them?  See? Another pitfall.  Stop falling and start fighting.
Become the freaking warrior you want to be, not the coward who has let himself go.c

Jaime, the very worst missionary - The tourist gospel  So, all of this has got me thinking about what happens when, as Christians, we let ourselves be so far “set apart” from the world that we end up looking like a bunch of tourists, instead of the ones with the answers. 

The View from here - Confession of a missionary narcissist   There are several things that I learned during my trip, but the one thing that I will take away from the week is that.... 

Nicaragua doesn't need me.

You see, I suffer from this disorder that I'll call Missionary Narcissism.  It's when I go to a place, such as Nicaragua, I see so many needs and I begin to think that if only I lived here, if only I were present then: 
Grit and Glory - Space for Selah  It takes intentionality to build space into my life. But when I do, my heart is better for it. And so is everything that stems from my heart. My writing, my relationships, my perspective…
A little bit of space goes a long way. Especially when it’s a built-in consistent part of my life.
A healthy life rhythm has space built in.

Compassion - Renew your mind from the inside out  Watching it, I was struck at how we find it acceptable, behind the safety of a car’s frame and windows, to behave in a less-than-civil manner. Similarly, in our humanness we are quite happy to entertain thoughts and cultivate attitudes that are less than godly, as long as they’re kept hidden safely in the confines of our minds.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

WorldVision - Frogs, the other white meat  Nitnoy and Phoun felt powerless to provide for their children’s most basic physical needs, much less give them opportunities for a brighter future.
Life was so difficult that their eldest daughter, Leng, went to work in Thailand five years ago. She was only 10.

Compassion - Fight Poverty: How does child sponsorship rate as a strategy to help the poor  There are many wonderful things that we can do to help the poor. Providing clean drinking water prevents millions of deaths per year. Mosquito nets are inexpensive and have reduced malaria related deaths by 20%.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Jaime, the very worst missionary - The final freaking rose   But, dear sweet baby Jesus, have we grown so apathetic to the human condition that we've turned Love into a gameshow?

Pictures of Poverty - Mmmmwah! #Love #Kiss #Philippines 

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