Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 2-18

So much good stuff this week!  You may need to take a few extra minutes to read through all of this.  It is worth every second!

The Handwritten - Take  5 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; 
   let your glory be over all the earth.
 6 Save us and help us with your right hand, 
   that those you love may be delivered.

And The Importance of Roots  16 If the part of the dough offered as firstfruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy; if the root is holy, so are the branches.

New Ways Theology - The sermon as lecture  So my question is, should the church move away from the model of sermon-as-lecture?

Church and the Single Girl - Praying to St. Valentine A Catholic practice I’ve never understood is praying to saints. (Actually, I’ve never understood saints in general, but that is a post for another time.)

And The Nicene Creed  The Nicene Creed isn’t just another set of words to say on Sunday. It is a serious affirmation of faith. Saying these words out loud in some countries is illegal, yet many flippantly mumble them each week. These words are controversial, life changing, and unequivocal.

What Kind of Mother are you? - A More Excellent Way Love is patient . . . with the guy that cuts in line.
Love is kind . . .to the neighbors that seem so different.
Love is not envious. . . of things that do not last,

And Passing through the flames  I know it’s exhausting. The pay is poor (non-existent), but we are working for a reward which we hardly even realize yet. Hold fast. Be strong. Dance when you want to cry. Sing when you want to complain. Take a big, deep, breath when you want to yell. And, smile. For goodness sake, smile! That alone can transform the moment you are in.

Compassion - Mean words hurt  Calling someone negro chocoano is offensive; it shows discrimination because of skin color. Juan is deeply hurt by these words so he fights with his schoolmates and gets poor grades at school. He has been in the second grade twice, which concerns his mom and his tutors.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

World Vision - One small cry: Hassanes fight agains malnutrition  The aid workers, the other mothers, and Hassane’s family fall silent as the little one is given the package with the vitamin-rich paste. He begins to chew slowly at first, becoming a bit more forceful with the food at each bite. Then, when the health worker tries to change the angle of the packet, we hear his impatient cry.
Hassane has gotten his food — and he’s not giving it up.

And The Malaria Scare   She sent me some figures, which showed that last year World Vision distributed more than 2.2 million nets in Africa alone. It plans distribution of millions more over the next three years.
“If anything,” she said, commenting on the new report, “it just shows us that we need to continue moving in this direction.

J Bryant writes - How beautiful do I have to be  I’ve accepted how I look, but I still can’t stop wondering why I don’t feel beautiful. I have moments when I do. Often those moments happen when I’m alone. I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I’m perched in front of my computer, hair all a mess and glasses sliding down my nose, and I’ll smile, pleasantly pleased with my appearance.

A Deeper Story - Choose your own adventure But that way of thinking paints a picture of God having one ultimate plan for my life, which includes specific choices in even the smallest of decisions. And while that may sound holy, it leaves me feeling a bit like a puppet. As though if I get one thing wrong in my attempts to navigate His will, the rest of my life is basically a wash.

And Relationships- showing up and leaning in  after years of not investing for fear of rejection, my abandonment-weary heart is beginning to trust again. 
and even though relationships are hard and awkward and require work…i would be lost without those in my life who fight for me and remind me of my strength when all courage is gone.
Shawn Smucker - How a 148 year old speech spoke to me  He gave a speech about the great civil war that raged on and how it tested our nation’s resolve.
And I wonder about our nation now.

Top of the Page - Don't make me count to 3: Part 2 Notice NONE of those reasons had to do with my daughter. She did not do anything defiant or naughty.She did something childish. Because she is a child. And incidentally, we've all left our purses somewhere before, even as adults. Common mistake, right? Yet look at how my emotion and my circumstances totally interfered with my parenting. So far in the story, I've done ZERO parenting. I've just pouted for being inconvenienced. Not my best work, people.

My heart belongs to Jesus...Citizen of the world: Kingdom 365: 47: Live to Die, Die to Live   God brought you to Cambodia to kill you. To kill your dreams, kill your "doing", to kill your plans, to kill your ministry. To kill off everything that you think you thought you knew...about relationships, about leadership, about partnering, about service, about ministry.  

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