Thursday, February 9, 2012

God wanted me to have Bojangles

First for those who don't live in the Southeastern US, let me explain Bojangles'.  It is the best chicken fast food place ever!  It has an amazing breakfast menu and an amazing lunch/dinner menu.  On the breakfast menu, there is country fried steak biscuit, chicken biscuit, gravy biscuit, sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, country ham biscuit, etc.  They have little round hashbrowns or spicy french fries as a side.  They also have blueberry biscuits with icing on them.  They used to have cinnamon biscuits with icing, but not anymore.  :(  (In case anyone in charge of the Bojangles' menu is reading this, bring back the cinnamon biscuits please!)  For their lunch/dinner menu, they have spicy fried chicken or chicken strips (and probably other stuff that I just haven't tried).  You get sides like macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, dirty rice, and some other stuff.  You get biscuits with your chicken too!  Oh and you can have a sandwich like the biscuits I listed earlier, but it isn't worth it.  The biscuits are too good to pass up.  AND they have amazing sweet tea!  If you don't have a Bojangles' near you, I would start praying that you get one soon.

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Anyway on to my story, I think I am still recovering from Monday night.  It was a long one.  I tried to put Ben to rock Ben to sleep in the living room, but he just wasn't going.  So I went to his room and rocked him for a while.  He fell asleep, I put him down, and left the room.  I got back to the living room and he woke up crying.  I went back to his room and patted him until he went to sleep.  He slept for an hour or an hour and a half.  He woke up again crying.  So I picked him and tried to go back to the living room with and rock him.  He tossed and turned and couldn't get comfortable, so I went back to his room to lay down with him.  He still wasn't comfortable and cried when I laid him down.  By this time I suspected his tummy was bothering him.  So we went back to the living room.  We weren't there a minute before he said he had to go to the bathroom.  On the way there, he threw up and right after that he farted really big.  Thankfully it was not on the carpet and mostly in the bathroom.  Drew cleaned up the dirty clothes and what not.  I cleaned up Ben and he cried the whole time.  I got him dressed again and laid down with him again.  He fell asleep and so did I, sort off.  He was still tossing and turning.  Finally about 3:30 he asked for his sippy.  I got it and went back to my own bed.

I was up again at 6:30 and that was too early.  I knew what I needed to wake me up and inspire me to work hard, Bojangles'.  I knew I didn't have much time because I had to be at school by 7:30 for the Christian students meeting.  So I got ready quickly and sat down to read the Bible  I thought about taking it to school with me so I could get Bojangles', but I knew that I wouldn't get to sit down and read.  So I sat down to read and was proud of my self-discipline.  I read it and finished in pretty okay timing.  If traffic went well and there wasn't a line, I could do it.  But I had a decision to make, go to the one by my house away from my road to school that is less busy or the one by school that is more busy.  I decided to go to the one by school and that was a great decision.  My drive to school is generally pretty easy.  A little traffic, but Tuesday there was NO traffic.  There are several traffic lights.  They were all green!  I even passed my turn for Bojangles' and had to go back around.  I thought for sure that was going to cost me.  I would have to make a left turn to get into Bojangles' across a BUSY road.  I got to my turn and actually almost went past it.  I stopped just in time and waited to turn left.  I only had to wait for THREE cars!

This Bojangles' always has a line and I was doing okay on time, but I feared the line.  Today it didn't have a line!  Not one person.  I have never seen that before at this location.  I ordered my food and by the time I paid my food was ready.  I picked it up and walked out the door.  I started my car and checked the time, 7:22.  Better than I expected!  However, I had to make another left turn to head back to school.  This time I didn't have to wait for a car.  Not one.  I pulled into school at 7:25.  I went in the building, signed in, and headed to my room.  I got there and still had a minute to spare before the students arrived.  They arrived and I ate my perfectly heavily seasoned medium french fries while the leaders started the meeting.  The meeting went great and the leaders challenged the kids and themselves to be responsible.  They discussed the ways they could be responsible.  These kids were challenging themselves to be responsible in school to live more like Jesus!  Anyway, I ate my steak biscuit that was perfectly cooked and sipped my medium sweet tea.

And in the end I thought, "Praise God" because I needed this food to be this positive for this group today.  God wanted me eat Bojangles' to bless me on a rough morning, so I could bless others with guiding words and ideas.  Isn't that amazing?

Have you noticed God blessing you recently?  How has he shown up for you on a hard day?

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  1. Not to ignore the point of this wonderful post, but I LOVE and MISS Bojangles so much! Yet another example of how Florida is NOT a southern state!

  2. Now that I have it, I can't imagine going without it. You are a strong man. :)