Thursday, February 23, 2012

A first world morning

Based on the challenge for the week that I received from the World Vision Activism Network website for Lent, I decided to turn off the computer and start writing something because God has been telling me to do that.  The computer is an easy escape and Lent is about sacrificing things to get closer to God.  So the computer was a logical choice.  Obviously I am on the computer now, so I haven't given it up entirely.  I'm giving it up some of the time to write something every day this week.  We'll see what challenges come at me in upcoming weeks.  Yesterday I started writing and was very pleased with the result.  Today I am sharing that with you.  I hope to have the second part of this story for Friday.

A first world morning

I wake up to the radio playing softly.  I look at the red numbers shining out in the darkness.  I pull the comforter over me knowing I have a few more minutes.  Ten, fifteen minutes later I wake again and pull myself out of bed.  My feet hit the old blue mottled carpet that I don't like.  I trudge to the bathroom.  I turn on the light and use the toilet.  I flush the toilet and wash my hands with the good smelling soap from the specialty store.  I turn the lights off and go to the other bathroom.  One of our toilets isn't flushing right and we haven't found the time to call the plumber.  I turn that light on and find my daily medication.  I shake out one small pill that will balance out my body chemistry.  I put it in my mouth and pull down the kids plastic cup with a chain restaurant logo on it.  I fill it with water and swallow.  I put the cup and medicine back on the shelf and head quietly to my dresser.  My husband is still sleeping.  I open the 3rd drawer that is full of pants.  I pull out a pair and change out of my pajama pants.  I quietly go to the large closet I share with my husband and run my hand over more tops than I can count.  I decide to wear a sweater, so I go to the closet in the playroom and get a sweater from the closet there.  I put on the sweater and return to the master half bath.  I turn on the water and wet my hair.  I get the gel from the shelf and fix my hair.  I wash my hands and choose one of my six good smelling lotions from the same specialty store as the hand soap.  I put on the lotion.  I realize I have too much and put it on my arms as well.  I pull down my make up bag and dig through multiple containers of various colors and purposes.  I find the wedge shaped white sponge that is now turned beige.  I put on a small dollop of foundation and cover the imperfections on my face.  I smile at my reflection.  I turn off the light and head to the dresser.  I pick up my watch and new cause bracelet.  I smile inside proud of the decisions I made to help others that garnered me these items.

I walk barefoot down the hardwood hallway in my warm home.  I search the wall for the light switch.  I turn on the dining room light which shines just the right amount of light into the kitchen and living room.  I enter the kitchen and open the refrigerator and then the freezer.  I look through multiple shelves and around the spoiled food that I am waiting on trash day to throw out.  I am trying to find lunch.  I decide to grab a frozen processed sandwich.  I will warm it up in the microwave later today.  I put it in my catalog ordered thermal lunch bag.  I go to my comfortable stuffed chair that I bought from a silent auction for a fraction of the retail price.  I pull my feet up under me and turn on the expensive beautiful lamp we received as a gift.  I pull my bible out of the catalog ordered make up bag that I use as a Bible cover.  I open one of the five Bibles we have in the house to read the five pages a day I have required of myself.  I hit a button on my smart phone to check the time even though I am wearing a watch.  I see I have several email notifications from stores I have shopped at recently and a social media notification.  I will check those later.  I turn back to the Bible and retrieve the bookmark I received as a gift form a church member who visited Israel recently.  I move the picture of my prayer partner from the orphanage in Honduras.  As I move the photo I think, "Crap.  I forgot to pray for her last night."

Once I have my ending place marked, I begin my Bible reading.  As I read the Old Testament, I picture the ancient cities and peoples in my mind.  I think of the hardships they must have faces back then.  The dangers of war, the difficulties of getting food and water, the complexities of making clothing, the list goes on and on. I think how glad I am that we don't face those things today.  As I read sometimes I get a little bored and my eyes slide over the words.  My brain registers the words and releases them from my memory almost immediately.  I get impatient as the clock ticks past seven.  I know it is time to go soon.  I finish my reading proud to have completed my Bible reading for the day.  I turn off the lamp and go to the dining room table covered with papers and books and things that have no other place on the various shelves and in the various drawers around the house.  Somewhere under all of them is a tablecloth from one of my trips to Mexico and place mats from a discount store.  I gather my lunch bag, my purse, and my fair trade tote bag that I carry with pride.  I dig through multiple pairs of my shoes that have migrated under the table over the last several days.  I turn off the light and go out to the carport.

I pass my husband's 15 year old car to get to my 11 year old car.  I look at the overgrown flower beds and bushes in the front yard.  I look at the flowers blooming too early.  I see the work my yard will take and get a little depressed.  I unlock the care and start it to warm it up.  I get the heavy duty scraper out and begin scraping the windows.  I hear the quiet strains from the satellite radio coming from inside the car.  I pull my new coat a little tighter around me.  I put my gloves on and tighten my scarf.  I finish scraping the car and get in.  It's later than I would like and the windows are a little cloudy inside the car.  I sigh and wipe off the haziness in front of me.  I back out of my drive way and head off to work.

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