Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fight to end slavery

Sign Your Name Stand For Freedom 

Many of the links I included in last Wed. post had to do with human trafficking, which is a fancy word for slavery.  Yes, slavery.  It did not end 150 years ago.  It is still alive and well today in the products you buy.  We all know about Fair Trade coffee, but there are many other industries that need Fair Trade as much as coffee.  Things like clothing, electronics, chocolate, etc. all employ slave labor.  Don't even get me started on sex trafficking and sexual slavery.  There are people out there making things for us to have in our homes and in our lives that don't have any life themselves.  They can't go buy this stuff at the store or take a sick day to stay home with a sick kid or decide to move to a new house.  They are slaves and have no ability to choose what goes on in their lives.  The news that there are more slaves in the world today than every before can be depressing and overwhelming.  The news that there are 27 million slaves is even more overwhelming and we start to shut down.  We don't believe there is anything we can do about it.  That is a LIE!!!  There is so much you can do about it!  Use your voice and speak up for those who have none.  First and foremost click the link above and sign the petition for the International Justice Mission to President Obama.  Their goal is 27,000 signatures.  1 signature for for each 1000 people enslaved.  You can read their requests at the site above.  President Obama has a strong voice in today's world and we have a voice that got him there.  Let's use ours to influence his.  He speak about this in front of the UN and support international diplomatic efforts.  He can begin getting slavery out of our supply chains and begin funding the eradication of slavery.  We can do this IF we work together.  Go to the International Justice Mission website and sign the petition.  THEN go check out various organizations that help fight slavery, like the ones mentioned here.  Join the fight.  Use your voice.  Let's fix this problem.

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