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Where to give: Part 3

Friday (the 6th), I wrote this post.  However, my usual link to social media sending thing wasn't working.  So ONE person read it!  Normally, I would be all upset about that, but I'm not.  I am taking that as a sign, that I do need to talk more about these companies and a few others.  So I'm going to do a short series on Wednesdays about where you can give to make a big difference. 

If you know of a company or organization that I need to feature, please comment or email me.
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                               Child Sponsorship

Products that give back!

The following is a list of wonderful products you can buy that give something back.  More specifically, they give back jobs to the people in the area.  There are some pretty famous companies out there that give a product when you buy one.  However, my issue with that style is that does not create jobs in those places.  In fact, it can harm jobs in the area because that kid doesn't need _______ anymore.  So his family won't buy them and the guy making those for a living is now making less products and less money.  Does that make sense?

Having said that, ALL of these products provide jobs in these countries.  So when you buy you are helping the person making them and the country as a whole because you are providing jobs which is a long term solution.  So go check out these products.  Buy one or two or 12.  Wear them with pride and tell everyone who compliments you about the product and the people.

1. fashionABLE  Africa.  Scarves are my new favorite fashion item.  (Yes, I'm late to the scarf party.)  I have one of these already and I'm looking to buy a second one.  Super amazing!  The women in Africa are making these scarves.  They are getting off the street and out of undesirable situations.  They have stable jobs and skills that are needed.  Their children benefit from this income by having food, shelter, and education.  When you receive your scarf you will get a tag with it that is written by the woman who made the scarf.

Meselu  This is the second one I want, except in white.

2. FreeSet  India  FreeSet employs and trains women from the largest sex district in Kolkata to sew bags for export.  That's you!  You buy the bags and they pay the women a salary that includes health insurance and a pension plan.  They also have an organization called, FreeSet Trust that provides literacy classes, budgeting, and child care classes.  The more bags they sell, the more women they employ.  So go buy one OR custom design your own bag.

3. Tukula Uganda  Tukula invests in Ugandan entrepreneurs.  They give these women an above average wage and sell the products internationally.  The money these women make can then be invested in their families and their business.  You can read the story of each woman on Tukula's website.  There are clutches, bags, headscarves, and coming soon a children's line.

   I want these headwraps!  A set of 3 with a variety of African prints.

4. Land of 1000 Hills  Rawanda, Haiti, Thailand, etc.  Land of 1000 Hills originally started in Rawanda.  It is a coffee company that pays fair wage to the workers and helps them meet their basic needs.  It was a chance for previously warring countrymen to work together toward a common goal of rebuilding their country and their lives.  The company has now expanded into other countries as well.  They produce many different specialty blends and different grind options.  Whether you buy coffee here or elsewhere, PLEASE make sure it is FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED!

Do Good Blend

5. Timbali Crafts  Swaziland  The women who make these products are volunteer cooks at orphanages in Swaziland.  Most of them are widowed or abandoned.  They are single mothers or grandmothers raising these vulnerable children and giving to other children.  The company began a Bible study to see to the spiritual needs of these women as well.  The women $70 to $100 a month, which is two to three times the average salary for women in Swaziland.  The money helps them provide an food, shelter, health, and an education for their children.  It also allows them to serve other children in the orphanages.  Tote bags, placemates, wristlets, aprons, and table runners are available.


6. Forgive, Don't forget  United States.  When you buy a shirt from Prison Fellowship, they use the money to buy a dress shirt and tie for an ex-prisoner to wear at a job interview.  These people provide support both physical and spiritual for the men and women inside and outside of the prison to ensure their success upon release.  They work with local churches and organizations to provide support for these people.


7.  Hello Somebody  Rawanda  Hello Somebody is primarily known for their watches, but they have other products like t-shirts, hats, etc.  The money from these products goes back to Rawanda to help feed and educate children.  This isn't exactly like the other ones, but it does work with local schools and feeding centers that employ locals and buys local products etc.
Image of Watches          Image of Original Thumbprint T-Shirt

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